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9311(R) Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policy, Regulation


Northfield, New Jersey





All employees of the Northfield Public School District are subject to the policies adopted by the Northfield Board of Education, as well as the rules and regulations issued by the New Jersey Department of Education and other governmental departments of the State of New Jersey, as they apply to the administration of the public schools; the various New Jersey statutes, as they apply to the administration of the public schools; the Administrative Code; and any and all other documents issued by legally responsible officials.


The rules and regulations for the administration of the public schools of the City of Northfield, County of Atlantic, State of New Jersey, are set forth in the policy manual. All additions, deletions, revisions, etc., to the policy manual are considered to be part of the original manual and are binding on all employees.


Copies of this Policy Manual have been distributed as follows:

  1. Each Board of Education member
  2. Superintendent of Schools
  3. Business Administrator/Board Secretary
  4. Principals
  5. Board Solicitor


It is the responsibility of the business administrator/board secretary to notify each of the above holders, and provide copies if necessary of all additions, deletions, revisions, etc., to this manual. It is thereafter the responsibility of each holder to keep his/her copy current. This latter responsibility may be delegated to a subordinate, if necessary. It is the direct responsibility of each employee to thoroughly familiarize him/herself with the contents of the policy manual and to visit the school office, or other offices, to keep abreast of any changes.


The following procedure shall apply for the adoption, modification, or repeal of any policy in this district:

  1. When such proposal falls within the area of responsibility of any standing committee (s), it may be referred to that committee (s) for review and recommendation, which review shall be completed and recommendations furnished no later than thirty (30) days after being so referred.
  2. Upon completion of that review or upon expiration, of thirty (30) days, whichever is sooner, the proposed policy shall be referred to the Policy Committee for administrative review to ascertain that it does not unintentionally modify any existing policy. If determined necessary, it may be referred to the Board Solicitor to insure that it does not violate any contractual or legal obligations or restrictions imposed upon the board.
  3. Upon completion of this review, which shall in no case take longer than thirty (30) days from receipt of recommendations from a committee (s), the proposed policy shall have its first reading at the next public meeting; such reading to include the number, title and a summary of its contents or changes. At this point, any committee with a particular interest in the policy may submit its recommendations.
  4. The president may, if deemed necessary, refer the proposed policy to the Superintendent of Schools for review by the Administrative Team or for review by some other group of employees to whom it may particularly apply.
  5. Upon completion of this review, which shall take no longer than thirty (30) days, or upon completion of the thirty (30) days if no action is taken, the policy shall be presented to the Board for adoption at the next business meeting.
  6. Nothing shall be construed to prevent the various steps of review from occurring simultaneously.
  7. There shall be two readings of any policy adoption, rescission, or amendment at two separate public meetings. If the policy is of such an emergent nature, it shall be suspended and revised immediately. Prior to taking the vote, the number, title and a summary of the contents shall be noted for the benefit of the public in attendance.
  8. Unless expressly excepted, the adoption of new policy shall automatically revoke or amend any previous policy which may be in conflict with the newly adopted policy.
  9. In cases where immediate action must be taken within the school system, where the board has provided no policy for administrative action, the Superintendent of Schools shall have the authority to act, but his/her decisions shall be subject to review by the Board at the next public meeting, If policy suspension is warranted, the Superintendent of Schools shall follow these same procedures.

Adopted: February 2, 2004

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