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9322(Y) Summary of Executive Session, Form


Northfield, New Jersey


Summary of Executive Session of


  1. The notice for the General and Executive session meetings were published on _____/_____/20___.
  2. The motion for Executive Session was made, seconded and approved on _____/_____/20___.
  3. The topic for discussion at the executive session was:

The reason for the call for Executive Session for the above item was, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:4-12:

( ) 1. Confidential matter under State or Federal Law.

( ) 2. Information release that would jeopardize rights to U.S. Government funding.

( ) 3. Unwarranted invasion of individual privacy and no release authorized by person(s).

( ) 4. Collective Bargaining Unit exceptions.

( ) 5. Purchase, lease, setting of rates, investments where adverse effect to public interest.

( ) 6. Matters for protection of safety of public or property impaired if disclosed.

( ) 7. Pending litigation, negotiation, attorney-client privilege.

( ) 8. Private matters, not waived, concerning prospective or current public employee.

( ) 9. Quasi-Judicial Deliberation involving a civil penalty, suspension, loss of license.

Those present at this Executive Session were:

( ) Board President ( ) Board Member

( ) Board Vice President ( ) Board Member

( ) Board Member ( ) Board Member

( ) Board Member ( ) Superintendent of Schools

( ) Board Member ( ) Business Administrator/Board Secretary

( ) Board Member ( ) Board Solicitor

The matters discussed, unless subject to privilege, confidentiality or privacy right by law or order, or where the particular disclosure would subvert the purpose of the executive session exception or the privacy interest involved could not be protected by appropriate modification of the disclosure by redaction or editing (See Payton v. New Jersey Turnpike Authority, 148 N.J. 524, 556-557 (1997), can be disclosed to the public in a manner consistent with Northfield Board of Education Policy and upon formal written request to the boar secretary, with appropriate fees, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et. seq. and Northfield Board of Education Policy for copies of the records or minutes.

The actual minutes of this executive session are located in on page .

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