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Northfield, New Jersey

The Superintendent of Schools/designee shall direct development and review of informational newsletters and handbooks for parents/guardians, students, staff and the general community as deemed necessary by the board. The district annual report shall be printed for distribution. The business administrator shall make the district audit available to the public as required by law.

Centralized control of district publications, including the district web site, shall be designed to ensure that their contents reflect district-wide policies and regulations accurately.

In accordance with law, the Superintendent of Schools shall prepare procedures to ensure that the district web site, or web sites of any schools in the district, shall not publish any personally identifiable information about a student without prior written consent from the student’s parents/guardians. Consent shall be obtained on the form indicated by the State Department of Education and shall contain a statement describing the potential dangers of posting personally identifiable information about students on the Internet.

NJSBA Review/Update: August 2009; December 2010 Adopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

District Publications, Publications, Newsletters, Handbooks, Web Site

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Cross References: *1000/1010 Concepts and roles in community relations; goals and objectives *1100 Communicating with the public *1110 Media

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File Code: 1111


9310 Development, distribution and maintenance of governance manual *Indicates policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.

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