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The Northfield Board of Education recognizes that the services of community volunteers can enrich the educational program, assist teaching staff members in the performance of their duties, and enhance the relationship between the school district and the community. The board directs the institution of a program for the utilization of volunteer services in grades Pre-kindergarten through eight.

The principals shall be responsible for the recruitment and screening of volunteers. The principals may delegate the assignment of volunteers to specific tasks and must submit their names for board approval prior to volunteering in the district. The district will provide an orientation for the approved volunteers.

Conduct of Volunteers

The superintendent shall prepare and promulgate rules of conduct for school volunteers. Each school volunteer shall be given a copy of this regulation and its’ accompanying policy and the rules of conduct.

The volunteer will be required to attend a onetime orientation presented by the district.

The following guidelines shall govern the service of school volunteers:

  1. Volunteers may serve only under the direction and supervision of a certified teaching staff member.
  2. Volunteers should clearly understand their duties and responsibilities and perform no service outside of those duties given.
  3. Volunteers serve only in a support capacity: only teaching staff members are responsible for educational planning and decisions and the teaching of new concepts.
  4. Volunteers shall respect the individuality, dignity and worth of each child.
  5. Volunteers are not permitted access to student records.
  6. As a volunteer, if you ever see or hear anything that would put the health, safety or welfare of any staff member, student or peer volunteer at risk, you must report it to the principal or his or her designee immediately.
  7. Volunteers shall not discuss their school activities with others in the community and in the handling of any confidential information or matters involving students in which they become aware of during the time on school grounds.
  8. Volunteer Athletic coaches, extra-curricular activity assistants, contracted activity coordinators and volunteers who are sponsored through the District’s Community Education Program and engage in regular ongoing positions with regular contact with students shall complete a criminal background check and fingerprinting in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:6-71. The applicant shall bear the cost of the background checks and finger printing.
  9. Any person, or organization, independently using the Northfield Community School District’s facilities through the Use of Facilities process and who is not sponsored through the District is responsible for completing a criminal background check for all of their volunteers who engage in regular ongoing positions with regular contact with students. The Use of Facilities applicant shall bear the cost of the background checks.

Adopted: December 2017

NJSBA Review/Update:

Key Words

Community Volunteers, Volunteers, Public Participation

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File Code: 1200 PARTICIPATION BY THE PUBLIC (continued)

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