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1220 AD HOC Advisory Committees


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Community and/or parent/guardian advisory committees can be particularly useful both in keeping the board and administration informed with regard to community opinion and in representing the community in the study of specific school problems. The board shall, when required by law or when it finds it beneficial, appoint advisory committees to assist in research projects, long-range studies, program evaluation, and development of policies or educational goals/programs. Each committee shall be appointed for a specific purpose and time. The board may dissolve any board-appointed committee at its sole discretion.

Such committees shall be representative of the community in relation to the tasks delegated to them, and may include staff and students when appropriate. No appointee shall represent an organization, geographic area, religious group or any other subdivision of the community in an official capacity.

Systematic programs shall be set up to draw on the assistance business, labor, and other organizations have to offer in developing vocational, technical and enrichment programs and in providing students with practical work experience.

The board shall adopt the committee structure and organization it deems appropriate to the assignment at hand, except for funded programs where requirements are set by law. The board is responsible for approving all members of a committee and the method of their selection in consultation with the Superintendent of Schools. Staff members shall not constitute a majority of any general community advisory committee.

The Superintendent of Schools shall have the authority to appoint committees at the direction of the board.

Recommendations from the committee shall not reduce the responsibility of the board, which shall be free to accept or reject the recommendations as it sees fit. Only the board has the power to act. It will be the responsibility of the chairperson to see that the members of the committee are informed as to the final decision of the board.

Any publicity concerning the organization, membership, operations, findings or recommendations of any committee shall be released only by the board designee.

In district-initiated advisory committees, the Superintendent of Schools shall draft procedures for instructing committees as to the length of time each member is being asked to serve, the services the board wishes them to render, the resources the board intends to provide, and the approximate date on which the board wishes to dissolve the committee. Furthermore, the committee shall be instructed as to the relationship it has to the board, to the individual board members, to the secretary of the board, to the Superintendent of Schools, and to the rest of the professional staff.

When the law regulates the formation and activities of an advisory committee, the administration shall cooperate fully in its activities.

Adopted: November 4, 1996 NJSBA Review/Update: August 2009; December 2010 Readopted: October 24, 2011

File Code: 1220

AD HOC ADVISORY COMMITTEES (continued) Key Words Ad Hoc Advisory Committees, Citizens’ Committees, Committees

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