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1200 Participation by the Public


Northfield, New Jersey


The Northfield Board of Education encourages volunteers and/or residents of the community who are especially qualified because of training, experience, or personal characteristics to take an active part in school affairs. Such persons may be invited to act as advisers both as groups and individually in:

A. Clarifying the general ideas and attitudes held by our residents regarding school;

B. Determining the purposes of courses of study and special services to be provided for students; evaluating the extent to which these purposes are being achieved by present practices;

C. Giving active assistance to the professional staff in the actual operation of classes and services where the Superintendent of Schools and staff deem such aid valuable;

D. Offering suggestions on a specific problem or set of closely related problems about which the board must make a decision;

E. Coordinating the delivery of social services to students.

Volunteers carrying out prescribed functions under the supervision of designated professional staff members shall be covered by the board’s liability insurance policy.

The Superintendent of Schools shall supervise development of programs and procedures to enlist community participation in school events and deliberations. He/she shall keep on file information on all volunteers and documentation that requirements of law have been fulfilled.

The board, Superintendent of Schools, and the staff shall give substantial weight to the advice that they receive from individuals and community groups interested in the school, especially those individuals and groups that have been invited or created to advise them regarding selected problems. The board, Superintendent of Schools, and staff shall use their own best judgment in arriving at decisions.

The Superintendent of Schools shall report to the public annually on all aspects of community support of the educational program.

NJSBA Review/Update: August 2009; December 2010 Adopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

Community Volunteers, Volunteers, Public Participation

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