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The board welcomes visits to school by parents/guardians, board members, other adult residents of the community and interested educators, when they fit into the classroom or school routine. In order for the educational program to continue undisturbed when visitors are present, and to prevent the intrusion of disruptive persons into the schools, the Superintendent shall devise regulations addressing visitors’ access to the schools.

All visitors shall be required to report to the principal’s office upon entering the building. The Superintendent or building Principal has the authority to prohibit the entry of any person to a school of this district or to expel any person when there is reason to believe the presence of such person would be inimical to the good order of the school. If such an individual refuses to leave the school grounds or creates a disturbance, the Principal is authorized to request from the local law enforcement agency whatever assistance is required to remove the individual.

A “visitor” is anyone other than a student enrolled in or a staff member employed in the particular school. Visitors may not consult with the teaching staff or students during class time without the principal’s permission.

Staff members and students are strictly prohibited from propping doors open. Students and staff members shall not open a door for anyone.  All persons seeking entry to the building shall be directed to the main entrance.

For the purpose of preventing unauthorized entry into the district buildings, the building principal shall ensure that:

  1. The school’s main entrance is clearly marked so that it is easily visible and recognizable;
  2. Exterior doors are locked, and when they are in use for a large entry/exit, staff members, security personnel, law enforcement officers or other representatives of the district are assigned to monitor them;
  3. Entrances are clearly marked with a numerical sequence to allow for specific response by police, fire, and emergency medical services responders;
  4. A limited the number of doors are available for access by staff and the staff members shall be informed of which doors they are authorized to use;

When the parental rights of a parent have been terminated by a court of appropriate jurisdiction, the legal guardian must inform the school so that the administration may apply appropriate regulations. The principal shall seek confirmation of legal custodianship where necessary.

No one may visit the school during school hours for the purpose of recommending or exhibiting books, maps, etc., to staff. No person shall be allowed to deliver any address or lecture on any subject unless authorized by the Superintendent or designee.

All visitors to the schools must obey regulations prohibiting smoking and any other regulations designed to ensure orderly operation of the school. All persons violating this policy shall be considered “disorderly persons” and subject to appropriate action.

Adopted: June 2, 1997

NJSBA Review/Update: August 2009; December 2010; February 2018

Readopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

Visits to the Schools, Visitors, Sign-in, Propping Doors

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