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1315R Distrubution of Printed Materials


Northfield, New Jersey




When a party is requesting to have printed or electronic material distributed through the Northfield Community School to its students and community, they must begin the process by completing a “Northfield Community School Request for Distribution” form (formerly known as the “Superintendent Approval Form”). This form may be accessed from our website or from our secretaries.

This form and the item for distribution is to be emailed, mailed or brought to the Superintendent’s Office for review. A forty eight hour period is required, upon receipt of the form and the item, for the review of each request for distribution.

The Superintendent has the authority to approve or deny distribution of the item in accordance with Policy 1315. The superintendent shall be responsible for the approval of the distribution of such materials according to the following guidelines:


  1. Flyers or materials must be submitted to the superintendent for approval at least ten business days in advance of the requested distribution date;
  2. If the superintendent approves of the distribution of the flyer or material, the Principal, or other individual responsible for dissemination, will be notified of approval;
  3. Upon superintendent approval, outside agencies must provide the school/district with the necessary copies of the flyer or material in pre-prepared classroom bundles, as designated by the school.  The schools will not copy nor collate materials for outside agencies or organizations;
  4. When possible, the schools will distribute materials via electronic means;
  5. Materials are to be distributed by school personnel only.  Outside agencies or organizations are not permitted to distribute materials directly to students, unless provided explicit permission by the superintendent;
  6. Outside organizations may not use the district computer network to distribute flyers, advertisements, brochures, or materials.  Approved materials for electronic distribution shall be disseminated and/or posted by appropriate school personnel.


No distribution of materials shall be approved that is disruptive to the educational program.  Distribution of flyer or literature does not construe endorsement or approval of any organization, event, or service.  The board shall not be held liable for outside organizations or their activities.


Prohibited Distribution of Materials


Materials shall not be distributed that:


  1. Are prejudicial to or seek to establish the supremacy of an ethnic, national, religious, racial group or any gender;
  2. Libel any person or persons;
  3. Infringe rights of privacy protected by law or regulation;
  4. Advocate the use or advertise the availability of any substance or material that constitutes a direct and substantial danger to the health of pupils;
  5. Contain obscenity, pornography, or material otherwise deemed inappropriate or to be harmful to pupils;
  6. Incite violence, advocate the use of force, or urge the violation of law or school regulations;
  7. Advertise goods or services for the benefit of profit-making organizations;
  8. Promote activities sponsored by outside organizations, schools, or townships which compete with or are in conflict with Northfield school activities;
  9. Solicit funds for non-school organizations when such solicitations have not been approved by the Board;
  10. Promote, favor or oppose any candidate for public election or the adoption of any bond issue, proposal, or questions pursuant to public election; or
  11. Except as may be required for literary purposes, do not conform to acceptable standards of grammar, clear expression, and responsible research.

The decision will be communicated to the party by either email or by phone and the form will be returned to them as well.

It is the responsibility of the party requesting the distribution of material to make arrangements to collect any forms without relying on district staff to do so.

Updated: April 2017 February 2023

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