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5120 Assessment of Individual Needs

NORTHFIELD BOARD OF EDUCATION FILE CODE: 5120 Northfield, New Jersey Monitored

Mandated Policy X Other Reasons


Each student shall be assessed upon entrance into the Northfield School District’s schools and beginning in grade three shall be assessed annually thereafter, to identify students not meeting district proficiency levels.

The Superintendent of Schools shall develop procedures to implement a program of individual student needs assessment that shall include but not be limited to:

A. Identifying district needs as the basis for development of mandated goals; development of staff inservice programs; selecting and approving instructional materials; staffing;

B. Identifying and determining the needs of:

  1. Gifted and talented students;
  2. Disruptive students;
  3. Disaffected students;
  4. Potential dropouts;
  5. Students who require basic skills improvement programs;
  6. Students with limited English proficiency;
  7. Students who may require formal referral to the child study team for classification.

Policies addressing these specific groups and appropriate educational programs for them are listed in the cross references to this policy.

C. Disseminating results of such assessments to parents/guardians and to appropriate staff and state and federal agencies as required without invading the privacy of the individual student.

The Superintendent of Schools/designee shall review all individual assessment procedures annually to ensure that they serve the purposes for which they are intended. At all times, these procedures shall be in full conformity with federal and state law.

Adopted: No Date NJSBA Review/Update: November 2009; December 2010 Readopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

Student Assessment; Assessment of Individual Needs

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File Code: 5120
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Cross References: *1100 Communicating with the public *1120 Board of education meetings *2240 Research, evaluation and planning

4010 Goals and objectives

*4131/4131.1 Staff development; inservice education/visitations/conferences

*5111 Admission

5119 Transfers

*5124 Reporting to parents/guardians

*5125 Student records

*6010 Goals and objectives

*6141 Curriculum design/development

*6142.2 English as a second language; bilingual/bicultural

*6146 Graduation requirements

*6146.2 Promotion/retention

*6147 Standards of proficiency

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*6160 Instructional services and resources

6161 Equipment, books and materials

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*6171.1 Remedial instruction

*6171.2 Gifted and talented

*6171.3 At-risk and Title 1

*6171.4 Special education

*6172 Alternative educational programs

*Indicates policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.


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