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5131(R) Conduct Discipline Regulation


Northfield, New Jersey




The purpose of these regulations is to achieve the following:

  • Foster the health, safety, social, and emotional well-being of students;
  • Support the establishment and maintenance of civil, safe, secure, supportive, and disciplined school environments conducive to learning;
  • Promote achievement of high academic standards;
  • Prevent the occurrence of problem behaviors;
  • Establish parameters for the intervention and remediation of student problem behaviors at all stages of identification; and
  • Establish parameters for school responses to violations of the student discipline/code of conduct that take into account, at a minimum, the severity of the offenses, the developmental ages of the student offenders, and students’ histories of inappropriate behaviors.

Rules of Conduct

  1. All students are bound by law, policies of the Board of Education, and the administrative regulations of this school district.
  2. In addition, students shall not:
  • Be insubordinate to teachers or other school staff members or disregard their instructions or demonstrate lack of respect for their authority;
  • Create disorder or disruptions on school premises;
  • Use, threaten, or incite the use of physical force against other students, staff members, or visitors to the school;
  • Steal, damage, or deface the property of other students, staff members, or the district;
  • Engage in the sexual and/or other harassment of students or staff members;
  • Possess or use weapons or any implement intended to harm others;
  • Use foul, abusive, derogatory, or demeaning language, including racial and ethnic remarks;
  • Convey information about other students or staff members known to be false;
  • Act so recklessly as to endanger the safety of others;
  • Procure the property of others by threat or intimidation;
  • Enter school premises or any specific portion of the premises without permission and without authority;
  • Vandalize school property, real or personal;
  • Create litter on school property;
  • Be truant from school or class;
  • Cheat or otherwise engage in academic dishonesty;
  • Persistently refuse to complete homework and other assignments;
  • Engage in illegal gambling;
  • Smoke on school property;
  • Falsify an excuse or any school document;
  • Set fire to or cause a fire in any way on school premises;
  • Possess or explode a firecracker or other explosive device on school premises;
  • Sound or cause to be sounded a false alarm for fire, bomb, or other condition or circumstance hazardous to others;
  • Possess, use, or distribute a substance in violation of Policy No. 5131.6;
  • Join a secret society prohibited by law; or
  • Engage in any other activity expressly prohibited by a school staff member in authority.

C. Students assigned to a school bus must obey all school rules, and:

  • Show respect for the driver at all times;
  • Enter and leave the bus in an orderly manner;
  • Ride only the bus to which they have been assigned;
  • Be and remain seated while the bus is in motion;
  • Avoid reckless and boisterous activity at all times, including during waits at pickup points;
  • Talk in a reasonable tone of voice and avoid loud noises;
  • Extend no portion of the body or other object out a bus window;
  • Keep aisles clear at all times;
  • Refrain from bringing animals (with the exception of service dogs) or bulky, unmanageable projects onto the school bus;
  • Refrain from smoking, eating, and drinking on the bus; and
  • Possess, use, or distribute any substance in violation of Policy No. 5131.6.
  1. The Building Principal or designee has the right to impose a consequence on a student for conduct away from school grounds pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7.6. This authority shall be exercised only when it is reasonably necessary for the student’s physical or emotional safety, security, and well-being or for reasons relating to the safety, security, and well-being of other students, staff, or school grounds, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:25-2 and 18A:37-2 or when the conduct which is the subject of the proposed consequences materially and substantially interferes with the requirements of appropriate discipline in the school. Consequences shall be handled in accordance with Policy and Regulation 5131, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7.1, and as appropriate, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 6A: 16-7.2, 6A:16-7.3, or 6A:16-7.5.

Remedial Measures

The following remedial measures may be taken to aid in correcting student conduct and to ensure that the student is properly placed in an appropriate educational environment and is not in need of special education and/or related services.

  • Restitution and Restoration

The student may be required to make restitution, in kind or cost or labor, for any loss he/she has caused; or

restore to its former condition, by his/her own labor, any property the student has damaged or defaced. A student who refuses to make restitution or restoration as directed may be disciplined by one or more of the measures included in this regulation.

  • Counseling

The student may be required to consult with school guidance counselors to determine the causes of his/her misconduct and to assess the need for a change in educational placement. The counselor will explain:

  • Why the student’s conduct is unacceptable to the school and damaging to the student,
  • What the consequences of continued misconduct are likely to be, and
  • Appropriate alternate behaviors.

The counselor may refer the student, as appropriate, for additional counseling, evaluation, intervention, treatment, or therapy.  Referrals may be made to:

    • The Child Study Team,
    • Intervention and Referral Team,

Parent Conferences

The student may be required to attend a meeting with his/her parents/guardians and appropriate staff members to discuss the causes of the student’s behavior, possible remediation, potential disciplinary measures, and alternative conduct.

Alternate Educational Program

The student may be assigned to an alternate educational program as recommended by the student’s guidance counselor, classroom teacher, Child Study Team, and/or Building Principal.

In-school Suspension

The student may be removed from his/her regular classes and required to report to an in-school suspension program for supervised study.

Out of School Suspension

The student may be suspended from school externally for a period of time.


A student may be required to report before or after the school day to detention for a specific period of supervised study. The student may be excused from detention only for an unavoidable commitment; any such excused detention must be made up on another day.

Non Curricular Related Assemblies, Interscholastic Sports, Non Academic Clubs and Activities, Grade 8 End of the Year Special Activities – Including the Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony
The Northfield Community School offers to the student many extracurricular activities. Activities are considered privileges and the students must be in good standing in order to participate. Listed below are guidelines for participation in interscholastic sports, nonacademic clubs, and activities:


  • If a student has a failing grade when report cards are issued in any subject, he/she is ineligible.
  • If a student has a failing grade at the time interims are issued, he/she must meet the following conditions to participate in nonacademic clubs/activities and/or sports.
  • Meet with guidance to develop an academic intervention contract;
  • Adhere to and successfully meet the goals outlined in the contract;

Failure to comply with the intervention contract will result in the student not being able to participate, until the conditions of the contract are met.


All detentions assigned by the staff have precedence over any practices/games, club meetings or

rehearsals. A student is ineligible and may be excluded from such activities if he/she:

  • has 10 or more infractions with discipline referrals during the school year according to the Student Code of Conduct.
  • has been internally/externally suspended 5 or more days during the school year for   infractions violating the Student Code of Conduct.
  • has been involved in any serious discipline matter (long term suspension of 10 or more   days)
  • has been internally/externally suspended within 5 school days of any non-curricular related assemblies, interscholastic sports, nonacademic clubs or activities, grade eight special activities end of year events, including the Grade Eight Promotion Ceremony.

All students suspended internally/externally, as a result of a student code of conduct infraction, will be immediately suspended from the team, club, or activity. A student remains ineligible to participate in such activities for a period of 5 school days from the last day of the internal/external suspension.

To be reinstatement the student must submit a letter to the principal or designee within 5 days of the infraction in order to be considered for reinstatement. A meeting may occur (depending or the principal or designee determination) with the student, the advisor/coach, and the principal or designee. At that time, a decision will be made on the eligibility of the student. Two suspensions during the course of the season or marking period permanently removes a student from the activity. A decision will be made as to whether the student will be allowed to participate in other activities during the remainder of the school year pending a mandatory meeting between the principal or designee, the student, coach/advisor, and the parent/guardian.

Charts of Discipline

Below is a listing of student behaviors that are subject to student discipline including suspension or expulsion pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:37-2.  Consequences will vary depending upon severity and frequency of infraction. The behaviors include, but are not limited to:


Infraction Type Offense #/Consequence
1 2 3 4 Notes
Administrative Detention Cutting D2 D3 IS1 IS2
Administrative Removal from Classroom IS1 IS2 ES1 ES2+
Arson ES10+ Notes 1,2&3
Assault ES4-ES10 ES4-ES10 ES4-ES10 ES4-ES10 Note 2
Bullying (+HIB Protocol) IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ Notes 2&4
Cheating/Dishonesty D1 D2 D3 IS1 Possible loss of credit
Discriminatory/ Racist Comments (+HIB Protocol) IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ Notes 2&4
Extortion/Gambling D2 IS1 IS2 ES1+ Notes 2
Falsifying an Alarm/Bomb Threat ES10+ Notes 2&3
Fighting Equal Aggressor/High Intensity ES3-ES10 ES3-ES10 ES3-ES10 ES3-E10 Notes 2&3
Fighting Equal Aggressor/Low Intensity ES1 ES3 ES5 ES7 Notes 2&3
Fighting Minor Physical Contact(Pushing/



D2 IS1 IS2 ES3 Notes 2&3
Fighting Initiator/Failure to Stop Add 1 day to above (fighting infractions) Notes 2&3
Forgery/Falsification D1 D2 D3 IS1 Note 2 :Possible loss of credit
Harassment  (+HIB Protocol) IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ IS1-ES3+ Notes 2&3
Horseplay D2 IS1 IS2 ES1+
Illegal Drugs Possession/


ES10+ Note 2
Inappropriate Comments to Staff D2-ES2+ D2-ES2+ D2-ES2+ D2-ES2+ Note 4
Inappropriate Comments to Student D1-ES1+ D1-ES1+ D1-ES1+ D1-ES1+ Note 4
Intentional Inappropriate Physical Contact with Another Student


Intentional Inappropriate Physical Contact with Staff IS2-ES5 IS2-ES5 IS2-ES5 IS2-ES5
Instigating Behavior IS1 IS2 IS3 ES1
Insubordination/ Disobedience/ Noncooperation /Defiance/Failure

to Identify Self


D2 D3 IS1 IS2
Lateness to Class D1 D2 D3 IS1
Lateness to School Parent Contact, AC Parent Conference, AC AC-D1 AC-D2
Leaving/Failure to Report to Assigned Area/Loitering/Entering Room Unsupervised AC: D2 D3 IS1 IS2
Leaving School Building/Grounds without permission IS1-ES4+ IS1-ES4+ IS1-ES4+ IS1-ES4+
Misconduct During a Drill D2 D3 IS1 IS2+
Misuse of Computer Networks/Computer CP:D1-ES1+ CP:D1-ES1+ CP:D1-ES1+ CP:D1-ES1+
Misuse of Electronic Device and/or Recording of Others Reg. Confiscation, returned at end of day, and parent conference


Confiscation, parent pick up of device-ES4:CP Loss of privilege ES4:CP IS 1-ES4:CP
Misuse of School Property/Equipment (non- harmful) D2 D3 IS1 ES1+
Obscene Language/Gestures or Behavior/Use of Profanity D2-ES1+ D2-ES1+ D2-ES1+ D2-ES1+ Note 2
Obscene Materials (Possession of/sharing of) CP:D2 CP:S1 CP:IS2 CP:ES1+
Possession of a Dangerous Object ES4-ES10+ ES4-ES10+ ES4-ES10+ Note 2
Possession of Lighter/Matches IS1 IS2 ES1 ES2+ Note 2
Recklessness/Behavior Endangering the Safety of Others IS1 IS2 ES2 ES4+
Selling Items in School Without Permission (non-harmful) D1 D2 D3 IS1
Sexual Harassment (HIB Protocol) ES4-ES10+ ES4-ES10+ ES4-ES10+ ES4-ES10+ Note 2
Theft/Stealing < $10 D2 D3 IS1 ES1+
Theft/Stealing > $10 IS2-ES4+ IS2-ES4+ IS2-ES4+ IS2-ES4+ Note 2
Threats to Students or Staff IS1 to ES10+ IS1 to ES10+ IS1 to ES10+ IS1 to ES10+ Note 2
Throwing Items (non- harmful) D1 D2 D3 IS1
Tobacco Possession ES2 ES3 ES4 ES6 Note 2
Tobacco Use (Smoking) ES4 ES5 ES6 ES8 Note 2
Trespassing D2 D3 IS1 ES1
Verbal Altercation D2 D3 IS1 ES1
Walking Out of Administrator’s Office IS1 IS2 ES1 ES2
Weapon Offense (including Imitation Weapons) ES10+ Notes 2,3
Willful Defacing of School Property/Vandalism IS2 IS3 ES1 ES2+ Note 1&2



D= Detention

IS= In School Suspension

ES= External Suspension

AC=Administrative Conference

CP= Loss of computer/BYOD privileges

Note 1: Financially responsible for repair/replacement; Possible complaint filed with police

Note 2: Superintendent and/or possible complaint filed with the police

Note 3: CST Referral

Note 4: Guidance Referral

Students with Disabilities

For students with disabilities, subject to Individualized Education Programs in accordance with 20 U.S.C. § 1400 et seq., the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Improvement Act, and accommodation plans under 29 U.S.C. §§ 794 and 705(20), student discipline and the code of conduct shall be implemented in accordance with the components of the applicable plans.

Student Rights

Students subject to the consequences of the Student Discipline/Code of Conduct Policy and Regulation shall be informed of their rights, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7.1(c)3.i. through vii., that include:

  • Advance notice of behaviors that will result in suspensions and expulsions that have been identified under authority of N.J.S.A. 18A:37-2;
  • Education that supports students’ development into productive citizens;
  • Attendance in safe and secure school environments;
  • Attendance at school irrespective of students’ marriage, pregnancy, or parenthood;
  • Due process and appeal procedures, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:3-1.3 through 1.17, N.J.A.C. 6A:4 and, where applicable, N.J.A.C. 6A:14-2.7 and 2.8;
  • Parent notification consistent with the policies and procedures established pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-6.2(b)3; and
  • Protections pursuant to 20 U.S.C. § 1232g and 34 CFR Part 99, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act; 20 U.S.C. § 1232h and 34 CFR Part 98, Protection of Student Rights Amendment;; 45 CFR § 160, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; 20 U.S.C. § 6301, Title IV(A)IV § 4155 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as reauthorized under the No Child Left Behind Act; 42 CFR Part 2, Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records; N.J.S.A. 18A:40A-7.1, School-based drug and alcohol abuse counseling; information from participants; disclosure; N.J.A.C. 6A:16-3.2, Confidentiality of student alcohol and other drug information; N.J.S.A. 18A:36-19, Creation; Student Records: Maintenance and Retention, Security and Access; Regulations; Non-Liability; N.J.A.C. 6A:14-2.9, Student Records; as well as other existing Federal and State laws pertaining to student protections.


  • Instances of student discipline will be recorded in the student’s file in strict compliance with N.J.A.C. 6A:32-7.1 et seq. and Policy No. 5125.
  • When a student transfers to a public school district from another public school district, all information in the student’s record related to disciplinary actions taken against the student by the school district and any information the school district has obtained pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2A:4A-60, disclosure of juvenile information; penalties for disclosure, shall be provided to the receiving public school district, in accordance with the provisions of N.J.S.A. 18A:36-19(a), N.J.A.C. 6A:32- 7.5(e)10.iv., and N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7.10.
    • The record shall be provided within two weeks of the date that the student enrolls in the receiving district.
    • Written consent of the parent/guardian or adult student shall not be required as a condition of the transfer of this information, however, written notice of the transfer shall be provided to the parent/guardian.
    • When a student transfers to a private school, which includes all sectarian or nonsectarian nonprofit institutional day or residential schools that provide education for students placed by their parent/guardian and that are controlled by other than public authority, all student disciplinary records, with respect to suspensions or expulsions, shall be provided by the public school district of residence to the private school upon written request from the private school, in the same manner as such records would be provided by a public school district of residence to another public school district, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7.10(b).
    • The Board shall not use a student’s past offenses on record to discriminate against that student.
    • All student disciplinary records maintained in the district shall conform to the requirements set forth in N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7.10(d).


Annual Report

The Superintendent shall report annually on the implementation of the Student Discipline/Code of Conduct Policy to the Board at a public meeting. The annual summary shall contain, at a minimum:

    • A numerical inventory of all violations of the student behavioral expectations in the Student Discipline/Code of Conduct Policy and Regulation;
    • Associated school responses to the violations of the student behavioral expectations;
    • An explanation and evidence of the effectiveness of the Student Discipline/Code of Conduct Policy and Regulation. The explanation and evidence, at a minimum, shall address:
        • The degree of effectiveness of the school district’s activities in achieving the purposes of the Student Discipline/Code of Conduct Policy and Regulation, pursuant to the purposes as outlined in A. above; and
        • The degree and effectiveness of the implementation of the contents of the Student Discipline/Code of Conduct Policy and Regulation.
  • Any proposed changes to the school district’s current policies, procedures, programs or initiatives, based on the annual report.

Adoption: November 17, 2008

Revised June 26, 2017; June 25, 2018