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5142.1(R) Rules for Safety Patrol Members, Regulation


Northfield, New Jersey







Members of the school safety patrol render an important service to the Northfield School District and to the students they assist. As role models and representatives of the district, school safety patrol members shall be bound by the following rules. Violations of these rules may result in the member’s removal from the safety patrol.


A. A member in training shall attend all training sessions and pay close attention to training instruction.


B. Members shall at all times maintain proper decorum and demonstrate respect for authority.


C. A member shall obey the directives of the police officer, crossing guard, or school staff member supervising him/her.


D. A member shall not step off the curb or into a roadway in performance of his/her duties.


E. A member shall never attempt to direct vehicular traffic.


F. A member shall report to his/her appointed station on time and, if assigned outdoors, appropriately dressed for the weather. Patrol duty periods are 8:00 a.m. to 8:20 a.m.


G. A member shall report to his/her classroom promptly at the end of any patrol period that precedes classes.


H. A member who will be absent from school or cannot report to his/her appointed station must notify the Middle School Office Secretary to report his/her absence so that a substitute may be assigned.


I. A member shall take proper care of the belt, badge, of office distributed to him/her, wear it at all times when on duty and only when on duty, and return it to the school at the end of his/her service.


J. A member shall report to the Safety Patrol Coordinator any serious misconduct or dangerous practices of other students.


K. A member shall maintain passing grades in all subjects.


L. A member shall serve as an example to others in the prevention of accidents.






Adopted: October 20, 2008

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