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5132 Student Dress


Northfield, New Jersey Monitored


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Student Dress


The district Board of Education recognizes that any form of dress that attracts undue attention, is unsafe, disrupts school, or detracts from the learning process is not acceptable. Students should be suitably dressed at all times and should present an appearance that will indicate their seriousness of purpose and pride in themselves and their school. School appropriate attire will be at the discretion of the Administration.

Acceptable clothing should include but not be limited to the following:

1. Khakis, jeans, skirts, capri pants;

2. T-shirts, collared golf shirts, dress shirts (long or short sleeved); Tank tops with material covering the shoulder at least 2 inches wide.

3. Crew-neck, V-neck, cardigan, or hooded sweaters;

4. Crew neck, V- neck, hooded sweatshirts;

5. Shorts/Skirts must be mid-thigh; (must be visible under any top, jacket, or sweater).

6. Leggings with a top covering upper thigh.

Acceptable Footwear

  1. Shoes with rubber or hard soles or sneakers.
  2. Athletic sneakers must be worn for gym classes.

Unacceptable clothing for school shall include the following:

1. T-shirts and/or sweatshirts with large designs/pictures that are inappropriate for school; “Inappropriate to be determined by principal.”

2. Any shirt with sleeves less then 2” wide. (Thin strapped tops, tube tops, mesh, fish-net styles, clothing that exposes the back, chest, or midriff and low cut shirts, sheer or see-through materials).

3. Cut off shorts, spandex shorts, or revealing shorts;

4. Jackets, coats, hats, hoods, bandanas and any type of outer garment may not be worn in the hallways, classrooms, or cafeteria during the regular school day.

Unacceptable footwear for school shall include the following:

1. Flip-flops; beach footwear; shower shoes; bedroom slippers; open toed or backless shoes; wheelies or sandals.

The code shall be strictly enforced by the administration. Students who do not dress according to the code shall be subject to disciplinary actions. In all cases, parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be called at home or at work and will have to bring a change of clothes to school. School Principals, through permission of the Superintendent, may request and implement a dress policy waiver to celebrate special dress up days and activities throughout the school year.

Students and parent(s) or legal guardian(s) shall be informed of this policy annually at an appropriate time.

Adopted: 9/24/12

NJSBA Review/Update

Revised/Readopted: September 24, 2019; April 2020

Key Words

Dress, Grooming, Attire

Legal References:

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Cross References; *5131 Student Conduct and Discipline

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*Indicates the policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.