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The Northfield Board of Education shall charge and assess tuition for attendance in the schools of this district by students not entitled to receive a free public education in this district and whose enrollment has been approved by the board.

The board will consider requests on an individual basis. In order for a request to be considered, it must be received no later than July 1 of the year of requested time of admittance. Changes in this timeline will be considered only in extreme emergency as determined by the superintendent. The decision shall be solely the board’s based upon superintendent recommendation and may take into account the following:

  1. Impact on the district and its classes;
  2. Capacity of the available staff resources;
  3. Available program resources;
  4. The student’s school record and any other relevant data.

Tuition rates will be determined and approved annually. Tuition students shall be notified of the tuition rates before May 30th.

A current medical examination is required prior to the admittance of all students. In the event it is subsequently determined the child requires specialized and individualized services, that the district is of the opinion it cannot provide, the Parents/Guardians understand and agree the contract will terminate immediately. The Parents/Guardians can either enroll the child in the public school district that the child is entitled to attend pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:38-1 and N.J.A.C. 6A:22-3.1 and 3.2 or arrange, at the Parents’/Guardians’ expense, an alternate education for the child which may be home schooling or enrollment in a private school. In the event the district does provide any additional specialized and individualized services the Parents/Guardians understand and agree that the Parents/Guardians will be responsible to pay for all additional costs. Children admitted under the foregoing provisions are expected to accept and observe all local school regulations.

The superintendent may accept or reject requests for enrollment under the foregoing provisions. The superintendent will establish procedures for the acceptance of non-resident students before May 30th. Acceptance to the district is for one year only. The student must re-apply each year.

Nonresident students will be responsible for their own transportation.

The business administrator shall be responsible for the assessment and collection of tuition. Tuition billing will be made per the attached regulation.

Adopted: August 22, 2016


NJSBA Review/Update:


Key Words

Tuition, Tuition Rates, Enrollment, Admission

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N.J.S.A. 6A: 22-2.2


Cross References: *5111 Admission

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*Indicates policy included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.

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