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3515 Electronic Portable Communication Devices




Students may possess, display, and use “Electronic Portable Communication Devices” only as set forth in this policy.

“Electronic Portable Communication Devices” are defined to include portable two-way telecommunication devices, including but not limited to cellular telephones, camera phones, walkie-talkies, personal digital assistants, IPOD’s, MP3 players and other hand-held computing devices (when such device is being used as a communication device). This definition will also include any new technology developed for similar purposes. Excluded from this definition is any device with communication capabilities that has been approved for instructional purposes.

To avoid disruption of the instructional process, except as provided below, students shall not display, use, activate, or permit “Electronic Portable Communication Devices” to be activated in any school building during the instructional day. The instructional day includes, but is not limited to, study halls, lunch break, class changes, and any other structured or non-structured instructional activity that occurs during the normal school day. Students are responsible to ensure that their devices are turned off in their lockers (where applicable) and out of sight.

“Electronic Portable Communication Devices” may be used during the school day only if use of the device is provided in the student’s IEP, or permission is received from the building principal.

“Electronic Portable Communication Devices” may be activated, displayed, or used before or after the end of the instructional day or at after-school activities by students, provided they do not interfere with any afterschool activity and their use conforms to directives of the school administration and/or the staff member overseeing such activity. Evidence of unlawful or disruptive use will result in disciplinary action according to the discipline guidelines as specified in the school’s handbook and/or reports to law enforcement authorities.

Students shall be mindful of the disruptive effect to others when making or receiving calls on “Electronic Portable Communication Devices” during an after-school activity (indoor or outdoor sports events, club meetings, etc.) and endeavor to use reasonable efforts to minimize inconvenience and discourtesy to others.

“Electronic Portable Communication Devices” may be carried on a board of education owned/leased school bus or vehicle by students while students are being transported to and/or from school or a school-sponsored activity. While “Electronic Portable Communication Devices” may be transported, they must be concealed in a backpack, pocketbook, or other container. The use, activation, or display of any such “Electronic Portable Communication Devices” on a bus is prohibited without consent of the staff member in charge of the experience. Evidence of unlawful or unauthorized use will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the school’s Student Code of Conduct.

The Northfield Board of Education will assume no responsibility in any circumstance for the loss/destruction/ damage or theft of “Electronic Portable Communication Devices” or for any communication bill associated with the authorized or unauthorized use of said devices. Students will be responsible for locating such lost/stolen items.

Staff Use of Electronic Portable Communication Devices

The staff is prohibited from the use of personal cell phones ( which must be turned off while working), camera


phones, pagers, walkie-talkies or other “Electronic Portable Communication Devices” as defined above, while they are performing their assigned duties (class time, duty periods). In addition, during meeting time, personal cell phones should be turned off and not used. Personal cell phones may be used during lunch periods, and before and after the regular workday.

NJSBA Review/Update: September 2009; December 2010 Adopted: October 24, 2011

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*Indicates that policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.

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