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3320(R) Purchasing Procedure, Regulation





A. To set forth procedures and responsibilities for the expenditures of public funds in the procurement of goods and services in accordance with the district Purchasing and Internal Controls Manual;

B. To centralize the continuous planning and control of the district’s financial commitments and obligations.

Authority – The board reserves to itself the final authority to approve, directly or indirectly, all expenditures not provided for by statute.

Responsibility – The individuals indicated below shall have final approval authority for the purchase of items pursuant to this policy insofar as appropriateness and need are concerned. In all instances, the Superintendent of Schools shall have final authority insofar as the availability of funds is concerned. Nothing herein shall be construed to constitute authority for the Superintendent of Schools to unilaterally refuse to approve a purchase order solely on the grounds he/she deems the amount to be excessive.

Category Responsibility

A. Replacement or purchase Superintendent of Schools of instructional equipment;

B. Replacement or purchase Business Administrator of non-instructional equipment;

C. Maintenance/Custodial Business Administrator supplies and equipment;

D. General supplies & publications Superintendent of Schools (normal teaching supplies);

E. Curriculum development supplies and Superintendent of Schools materials, including textbooks, periodicals, library books and materials, laboratory or class projects/kits, rental of audio visual materials.

F. Funding of special projects or trips Superintendent of Schools (one time expenditures);

G. Membership, dues or organizational Superintendent of Schools fees, to include seminars and workshop-type programs (educational staff);

H. Membership, dues or organizational Superintendent of Schools fees, to include seminars and workshop-type programs (non-educational staff);

I. Printing and publications; Superintendent of Schools

File Code: 3320


J. Office machinery and equipment; Business Administrator

K. Maintenance & operation of district Business Administrator motor vehicles & equipment;

L. Construction & modifications of Business Administrator business administrator buildings & facilities;

M. Miscellaneous categories. Superintendent of Schools

Rules and Regulations

A. Requisitions for purchase orders may be initiated by an employee and forwarded to the immediate supervisor, who shall approve them as to appropriateness and need;

B. They shall then be forwarded to the district office for review and/or approval by the responsible individual;

C. In all cases, the business administrator shall review the requisition to insure that sufficient funds are available in the appropriate line item account to guard against the creation of liabilities in excess of appropriations;

D. Any requisition disapproved at the district office level shall be returned to the submitting supervisor. The superintendent or business administrator shall make alternate suggestions, if it is felt that better service, delivery, economy or utility can be achieved;

E. Single item purchases, in excess of the legal threshold shall be subject to public bidding. Single item purchases, in excess of the legal threshold shall require solicitation of three (3) documented price quotations;

F. Upon verification of receipt of goods or services, the business administrator shall present the claim or demand for payment by the board;

G. Under emergency conditions, such that the time required of the board to act would endanger the health or welfare of the students or staff and/or would expose the school property to possible damage, the business administrator is authorized to make purchases of necessary goods or services;

H. Upon placement of a purchase order, the business administrator shall commit the expenditure against a specific line item account to guard against the creation of liabilities in excess of appropriations or board approved transfers;

I. The board of education shall not knowingly enter into contract with any company that does not subscribe to and implement a policy of nondiscrimination. The business administrator shall be responsible for so informing all prospective suppliers of work or materials.

Local Purchasing

A. Purpose – The board recognizes its position as a major purchaser in this community, and while it is the intention of the board to purchase materials and supplies of quality at the lowest possible cost through widespread competition, if all other considerations are equal, the board prefers to purchase within the district from established local merchants;

B. Authority – The board authorizes the agent responsible for district purchasing to award purchases placed in accordance with this policy, and all policies of the board otherwise applicable, to local merchants based upon the following considerations;

File Code: 3320


C. Responsibility – Primary consideration may be given to local merchants when their quotation is competitive, freight charges are a factor, maintenance service may be required, promptness of delivery is a consideration, provided that all statutes pertaining to public purchasing are duly observed.

Bid Requirements

A. Bids must be prepared on forms supplied by the school district and must be fully completed, in ink or typewritten, and signed by the bidder. Oral revisions will not be accepted.

B. Bid prices must include delivery to the point of use, unpacking when required, and installation when required. As necessary, bidders may be required to provide instruction in the use and care of equipment delivered both by demonstration and in written form.

C. Bids must include unit prices as well as the total price. In any error in extension, the unit price shall be considered the accurate figure.

D. Because the school district is exempt from the payment of sales and use taxes, all charges for taxes must be borne by the bidder.

E. The bid must note in detail any deviations from specifications. When the specifications indicate a product of a particular manufacturer, model, or brand, the bidder shall bid that particular manufacturer, model, or brand or, unless the specifications prohibit substitution, a substitute proven to be of equal or better grade. If a substitute is bid, the bid must include detailed documentation of its equivalency. Bidders may be required to submit samples of materials or products, to be retained by the board. The board shall determine the equivalency or acceptability of any substitute.

F. The manufacturer’s written warrantees and guarantees must accompany each bid. Bidders should state in writing any additional guarantees that will become a part of the bid and considered in making the award.

G. The bid shall include a delivery date or the date on which services bid upon will commence.

H. Where applicable, service facilities and convenience of service will be considered as part of the bid and should be included by the bidder. When necessary, a bidder shall submit evidence of his or her ability to provide proper installation, service, and supplies and/or indicate that the provision of the services and supplies is a regular and continuous part of the bidder’s business.

I. Where necessary, the bidder shall certify that all applicable Federal and State laws, municipal ordinances, and board policies have been obeyed in the manufacture, processing, packaging, delivery, and sale of goods and services to the school district. The bidder must declare compliance with:

  1. Affirmative action requirements, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-51,
  2. Stockholders’ disclosure statement, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:12-2,
  3. Non-collusion certification, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:6-8,
  4. And all other documents so required by law and the bid specification.

J. The bidder must declare that no member of the board or any officer or employee of the school district is directly or indirectly interested in the contract or purchase bid on.

Adopted: November 19, 2007

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