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3512(R) Maintenance and Repair, Regulation




A. Inspection

  1. The principal and the appropriate custodial staff member shall inspect the facility daily for proper functioning and cleanliness.
  2. The principal with the appropriate custodial staff member shall make a monthly inspection of the school building, support facilities, and grounds to identify any required repairs or replacements.

B. Reports

  1. Reports of each inspection required in paragraph A1 and paragraph A2 will be made on the prescribed district form and forwarded to the business administrator.
  2. The business administrator will report to the Superintendent of Schools those repairs to be performed by the district staff and those that require the services of an outside contractor.

C. Repairs by District Staff

1. Any teaching staff member may prepare, on the prescribed form, a work order request for repairs and/or maintenance. All work order requests will be submitted to the Maintenance Supervisor.

2. The maintenance supervisor will assign a priority to those work orders to be performed by district staff. The priority code will be:

      1. Emergency, for work that must be done immediately,
      2. High Priority, for work that affects health or safety,
      3. Normal Priority, for work that affects neither health nor safety, and
      4. Low Priority, for work that can be completed during the summer months or whenever staff is available.

3. Work scheduled to be performed by the district staff shall be entered on a work order form unless an emergency exists in which case the form may be filed after the repair has been made.

4. The work order form shall include, at a minimum, the following information:

      1. Name of the person making the request;
      2. Date of request;
      3. Location of repair,
      4. A description of the work to be performed,
      5. Scheduled date of completion, and
      6. Approval of the maintenance supervisor.

D. Repairs by Outside Contractors

1. When it appears to be necessary to utilize outside contracting services to effect a repair, the business administrator/board secretary, maintenance supervisor and any other interested staff member will confer in the preparation of a job specification.

File Code: 3512


2. The maintenance supervisor shall prepare a purchase requisition for submission to the business administrator that indicates:

  1. The recommended vendor(s),
  2. The work required and its location,
  3. The reason why the work cannot be done by district staff, and
  4. The estimated cost as obtained from at least three contractors.

3. The business administrator and/or maintenance supervisor shall be responsible for supervising the conduct of the work.

E. Replacements and Improvements

  1. The business administrator will prepare a replacement schedule that lists all district equipment. Annual recommendations will be made in the budget to maintain the schedule of replacements.
  2. Replacements required but not scheduled shall be submitted to the principal or the business administrator by the end of September on a budget request form for consideration in the next annual budget.
  3. A comprehensive district maintenance plan shall be prepared in accordance with N.J.A.C. 6A:26A

3.1 in order to meet facility needs and comply with law.

Adopted: October 20, 2008

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