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3542.31 Free or Reduced Priced Lunches, Milk


Northfield, New Jersey Monitored

X Mandated

Policy Other Reasons


It is the policy of the Northfield City Board of Education that this school district participate in any federal or state subsidized food program for the benefit of eligible students. Student eligibility shall be as determined by the guidelines of the subsidizing agency. The board requires that all regulations of the subsidizing agency be observed including especially those which preserve the privacy of eligible students.

The board hereby adopts as its own the free and reduced-price policy developed by the bureau of child nutrition programs pursuant to federal regulations.

Breakfast After the Bell

If seventy percent or more of the students enrolled in any school within the district on or before the last school day before October 16 of the preceding school year are eligible for free or reduced price meals under the National School Lunch Program or the Federal School Breakfast Program, the district shall establish a “Breakfast After the Bell” program for that school in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:33-11.3

A school within the district may request a one-year waiver from their requirements to provide “Breakfast After the Bell” under certain circumstances set forth N.J.S.A. 18A:33-12.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for the administration and operation of the school lunch program in keeping with federal and state laws and the policies and directives of the board.

Adopted: January 12, 1998

Review/Update by NJSBA: October 2009; December 2010, May 2023

Readopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

Free Lunch, School Lunch, Lunch, Milk, Reduced-price Lunches/Milk

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