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3240(R) – Tuition


Under the general authority granted to New Jersey school districts, the Northfield School District may admit non-resident students, upon payment of tuition and according to the following guidelines:

  1. The Parents/Guardians shall agree to pay the established tuition rate for elementary or middle school as established by the board. Such tuition shall be payable on or before the 15th of the prior month of attendance, check made payable to the Northfield Board of Education, and shall be forwarded to the school business administrator;
  2. All new students will be required to have a complete physical examination by their family physician or the school physician upon registration;
  3. The student shall present a satisfactory discipline, and attendance record from their prior school district, which is acceptable to the Northfield Board of Education;
  4. If applicable, the child must have maintained an overall 2.5 grade point average at the conclusion of the previous school year in the previous school the child attended in order for the child’s application for tuition student status to be considered. If the child is accepted as a tuition paying student, the child shall continue to maintain an overall 2.5 grade point average during his or her attendance in the School District. Failure to maintain an overall 2.5 grade point average may result in termination of the child’s attendance and/or denial of application to be readmitted as a tuition paying student in a subsequent school year;
  5. Tuition students shall be subject to all policies and regulations governing the behavior of resident students;
  6. Tuition students shall be entitled to the benefits of all district activities and instructional programs available to resident general education students;
  7. Tuition students shall be accepted and enrolled on a space available basis, subject to size of classes and as recommended by the superintendent;
  8. The Parents/Guardians shall be responsible for payment of the costs of home instruction due to either: (i) the need for confinement at the child’s residence or other treatment setting as a result of a temporary or chronic health condition; or (ii) a short or long term disciplinary suspension of the child’s attendance at school. This cost shall be in addition to the Parents’/Guardians’ payment of the tuition amount stated in paragraph A above.
  9. If this Agreement is terminated pursuant to any provision of this Agreement during the academic year, the tuition obligation of the Parents/Guardians shall be prorated to the Student’s last date of enrollment in the District.
  10. By signing the tuition Contract Agreement, the Parents/Guardians agree, individually and on behalf of the Student, to accept the rules and regulations of the District and the school of enrollment as stated in the Student handbook. The Parents/Guardians understand and accept his/her/their responsibilities pursuant thereto and agree to follow all aspects of the Board’s rules and policies. The Parents/Guardians understand that any breach of the Board’s rules or policies shall warrant termination of this Agreement.

Admission Procedures

The following procedures apply to the admission and continuation of tuition paying students:

  1. Parents/Guardians shall submit a written request to the superintendent to enroll the student on a tuition basis;
  2. Prior to acceptance of the application, the School District, through its professionals, shall screen the student. The screening includes a review of the child’s complete student records, including the child’s general education, special education and discipline records. The Parents/Guardians shall provide written consent for the School District to obtain all of the child’s student records. The child shall not be accepted without the School District determining that it currently offers an in-district education program that can meet the child’s needs. If during the course of the school year the School District determines that the child’s needs cannot be met by the in-district education program currently offered by the School District, the child’s attendance will terminate immediately. In this circumstance, the Parents/Guardians can either enroll the child in the public school district that the child is entitled to attend pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:38-1 and N.J.A.C. 6A:22-3.1 and 3.2 or arrange, at the Parents’/Guardians’ expense, an alternate education for the child which may be home schooling or enrollment in a private school. In the event the district does provide any additional specialized and individualized services the Parents/Guardians understand and agree that the Parents/Guardians will be responsible to pay for all additional costs.
  3. If the student is rejected, the superintendent shall notify the Parents/Guardians;
  4. If the student is accepted, the superintendent shall notify the Parents/Guardians stipulating the amount of tuition, the effective date of enrollment, and instruct the Parents/Guardians to complete the registration procedure;
  5. Copies of the acceptance letter shall be forwarded to the principal and business administrator;
  6. In the event that the Parents/Guardians fail to make payment as required, the business administrator will send a letter advising the Parents/Guardians that tuition enrollment will end on a certain date and that recommendation has been made to the Superintendent that the student be excluded from school unless payment is made within 10 days;
  7. If payment is not received within the 10 day limit, the superintendent will send a letter informing the Parents/Guardians that the student will be excluded from school, listing the effective date for the exclusion. A copy of the letter will be forwarded to the principal and the business administrator;
  8. The student must reapply each year.

Nothing in board policy and procedure 3240 Tuition shall require the district to accept any tuition students in any given year.

Adopted: August 22, 2016

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