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3517(R) Security, Regulation


Northfield, New Jersey



Rules and Regulations

A. All necessary locksmith work will only be authorized by the business administrator;

B. The business administrator shall master-key the buildings as follows:

  1. Grand master key all exterior doors to all buildings;
  2. Master key each individual building which opens all exterior/interior doors. These keys shall only be issued in accordance with the master list;
  3. Key each room or space in a building where only that person regularly assigned to that room or space has a key.

C. Each building principal shall annually compile a list of all persons having keys in their building, including any filing cabinets, desks, storage cabinets, safes, or other lockable items;

D. These lists shall be reviewed annually to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to a room, space or lockable items;

E. Keys to any room, space or other lockable items may be duplicated only by authority of the business manager;

F. Annually, in July, a list shall be furnished by the Superintendent to the Northfield Police and Fire Departments, indicating the names and telephone numbers of the persons to be contacted in the event these departments need access to the buildings, when they are otherwise unoccupied. This list shall provide that each successive person shall only be contacted if the preceding person is unavailable.

Updated on October 2, 2017

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