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3542R Food Service, Regulation

THE NORTHFIELD BOARD OF EDUCATION FILE CODE: 3542 Northfield, New Jersey X Monitored Mandated Regulation X Other Reasons


Lunch Payment Arrears

Students who forget lunch or lunch money shall be provided a lunch. Parents/guardians shall be notified and charged a lunch fee. If payment is not received and arrears equal to or exceed three lunches, students may still receive lunch through the school lunch program according to the following rules:

A. Parents/guardians shall be notified by the Food Service Director regarding their student’s debt and payment on the charge should be made by the student the following school day;

B. Charges will show as a negative account balance on the student’s school lunch program account;

C. If a student reaches three (3) charged lunches without providing reimbursement for the charges, the student will be offered a complete alternative meal of either a cheese sandwich or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, along with the required fruit, vegetable, and milk that is provided with the regular lunch;

D. Certain ala carte items and snacks may not be charged;

E. If payments on charges remain unpaid, the principal may notify parents/guardians after three incidents of forgotten lunch or lunch money and request a conference to investigate and address the problem. The conference may include:

  1. A discussion of the problem to ascertain to what degree the student is responsible or if there are mitigating circumstances or financial hardship that are contributing to the problem;
  2. A statement of lunch charges that includes instructions for payment;
  3. A description and price list for the school lunch program;
  4. Information regarding participation in the federal free or reduced price lunches and milk program;

Adopted: 4/30/14 NJSBA Review/Update: Readopted:

Key Words

School Lunch, Food Service, Nutrition, Wellness

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File Code: 3542

FOOD SERVICE (continued)

Through ‐5 Cafeterias for pupils

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*Indicates policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.

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