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3542 Food Service


Northfield, New Jersey X Monitored Mandated
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The school lunch program shall make a nutritionally adequate lunch available to every pupil and shall operate on the most economically feasible basis. The board shall provide cafeteria facilities for the purchase and consumption of lunch and snacks in all schools of this district. Unless they have been excused by the principal, all students are expected to remain at school for lunch.

It shall be operated in strict compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to health, sanitation and safety; internal accounting; employment practices; nutritional standards; costs of lunches; and periodic reporting required by New Jersey law.

The school business administrator is responsible for the administration and operation of the school lunch program in keeping with federal and state laws and the policies and directives of the board. All monies derived from the operation, maintenance, or sponsorship of the food services facilities shall be deposited in the Food Services Account, a special bank account, in the same manner as other moneys belonging to the school district. Such moneys shall be expended in such manner as may be approved and directed by the board, but no amount shall be transferred from the Food Services Account to any other account or fund, expect in the manner authorized by the board.

The district shall participate in the Federal School Lunch Program.

School Lunches

In the interest of the welfare of the students of Northfield, the district operates a non-profit school cafeteria service in accordance with the provisions of N.J.A.C. 2:36 and other related federal regulations. The cafeteria service, as governed by the Bureau of Child Nutrition, provides lunches to students and staff at a non-profit margin.

Federal and state regulation restricts the sale or distribution of competitive foods in schools from outside vendors during lunch periods.

The Northfield Board of Education recognizes that to allow student lunch deliveries from outside commercial vendors would have a significant impact on the economic viability of the cafeteria service by reducing its revenue.

The board also recognizes that the delivery of student lunches from outside commercial vendors represents an undue disruption of the daily routine of the schools and a potential danger to the students and staff.

This policy is not meant to prohibit parent(s)/guardian(s) from delivery of his/her own child’s lunch to school.

Adopted: 4/30/14 NJSBA Review/Update: Readopted:

Key Words

School Lunch, Food Service, Nutrition, Wellness

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FOOD SERVICE (continued)

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