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4112.2 (R) Certification


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The certification of teachers and other personnel in the public schools of New Jersey is a protective measure for the children, the community, and the staff members themselves. No teaching staff member shall be appointed, except by a recorded roll call majority vote of the full membership of the board of education. All personnel hired shall have proper certification as required by the State Board of Education. The Superintendent will take appropriate steps to avoid the employment of teachers with revoked or suspended certificates. Where the Superintendent receives formal notice from a state entity that an employee’s certificate, as required by the employee’s employment title is no longer valid, the employee’s employment shall cease, notwithstanding the fact that the term of employment may not have expired. No teaching staff member shall be entitled to any salary unless he is the holder of an appropriate certificate. No teaching staff member, contracted by private agencies that provide educational services by means of public funds, shall provide educational services to district students unless he or she is the holder of a valid certificate.


Validity of certification must be verified with the county office.


The Superintendent must receive valid evidence of proper and effective certification or qualifications to pursue the alternative route to certification before presenting a candidate to the board.


Reporting of Arrests, Charges and Indictments


All certificated staff members who are charged, arrested or indicted for a crime or offense must submit a report of the arrest or indictment to the Superintendent within fourteen days. This reporting requirement pertains to both in-state and out-of-state offenses and crimes and shall include the date of the arrest or indictment and the charges lodged. The certificated staff member shall also report the disposition of any charge within seven days of its disposition.


Failure to comply with these reporting requirements may be deemed “just cause” to revoke or suspend the certificate(s) of any certificate holder pursuant to N.J.A.C 6A:9B-4.3


The Superintendent will make these requirements known to all new employees and to all employees on an annual basis.


District Reporting Requirements


Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:9B-4.3, the Superintendent shall notify the New Jersey Board of Examiners when:


A. Tenured teaching staff members who are accused of criminal offenses or unbecoming conduct resign or retire from their positions;

B. Non-tenured teaching staff members who are accused of criminal offenses or unbecoming conduct, resign, retire or are removed from their positions;

C. A certificate holder fails to maintain any license, certificate or authorization that is mandated in order for the holder to serve in a position; or

D. He or she becomes aware that a certificate holder has been convicted of a crime while in the district’s employ;


E. The Superintendent has received a report from the Division of Child Protection and Permanence (DCP&P) substantiating allegations of abuse or neglect or establishing “concerns” regarding a certificated teaching staff member.


In the event the New Jersey State Board of Examiners issues an order to show cause based on the information that the school district provided about the certificate holder, it shall be the responsibility of the school district to cooperate with the Board of Examiners in any proceeding arising from the order to show cause.


Mentoring Novice Provisional Teachers


In order to enhance student achievement of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards the district shall develop a mentoring program for nontenured teachers, including novice provisional teachers who hold a certificate of eligibility (CE) or certificate of eligibility with advanced standing (CEAS). The mentoring program shall provide an induction to the teaching profession and to the school district community through differentiated supports based on the teachers’ individual needs and to help them become effective professionals.


For the purposes of this policy:


“Novice teacher” means any full-time or part-time teacher who has not completed one year of full-time teaching under a valid State teaching certificate.


“Provisional teacher” means a holder of a provisional two-year certificate issued to candidates who have met requirements for initial employment as part of a State-approved school district training program or residency leading to standard certification.


“Novice provisional teacher” means a certificate holder (CEAS or CE) who is also a novice teacher who has not completed one year of full-time teaching.


The goal of the district mentoring program shall be to enhance teacher knowledge of and strategies related to:


A. Facilitating student growth and achievement in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards;


B. Identifying exemplary teaching skills and educational practices necessary to acquire and maintain excellence in teaching; and


C. Assisting first-year teachers in performing their duties and adjusting to the challenges of teaching.


First Teaching Year’s Supports


A. During a nontenured teacher’s first year of employment, the district shall provide an induction program that shall include introduction to and training on:


1. Board policies and procedures;

2. The school district curricula;

3. Board policies and procedures on student assessment; and

4. The district’s evaluation rubric, including assessing student learning through student growth objectives


B. The district shall provide individualized supports and activities aligned with the Professional Standards for Teachers (N.J.A.C. 6A:9-3.3), the standards for professional learning (N.J.A.C. 6A:9C-3.3), and the school district’s Commissioner-approved teaching practice instrument. The individualized supports and activities shall be guided by the following:


1. The nontenured teacher’s degree of preparation;

2. The nontenured teacher’s individual professional development plan (see board policy 4131/4131.1 Staff Development). The professional development plan shall be developed within 30 instructional days of the beginning of the teaching assignment;

3. Areas of focus within the district mentoring plan;

4. The goals of the school and district plans for professional development; and


Novice Provisional Teachers Support


A. One-to-one mentoring for novice provisional teachers that includes:


1. The assignment of an individual mentor at the beginning of the contracted teaching assignment;

2. Observation and feedback from the mentor, confidential guidance and support, and the opportunity for the novice provisional teacher to observe effective teaching practices;

3. In-person contact time between the mentor teacher and the novice provisional teacher;

4. Meetings with the mentor at least once per week for the first four weeks of the teaching assignment.


All contact time between the mentor teacher and the novice provisional teacher shall be recorded in a log, developed as part of the district mentoring plan, submitted to the chief school administrator or designee, and maintained within the school district.


Mentor Selection


The Superintendent shall oversee the mentor selection process and ensure the individual mentor of a novice provisional teacher meets the following minimum requirements:


A. Holds an instructional certificate and, when possible, is certified in the subject area in which the novice provisional teacher is working;


B. Has at least three years of experience and has taught full-time for at least two years within the last five years;


C. Does not serve as the mentee’s direct supervisor nor conduct evaluations of teachers;


D. Demonstrates a record of success in the classroom


District Mentoring Plan


The Superintendent or designee shall develop a district mentoring plan as part of the school district’s professional development plan (PDP). The district mentoring plan shall include logistics for its implementation and describe the school district’s responsibilities:


A. The Superintendent shall submit the district mentoring plan to the board for review of its fiscal impact;


B. The Superintendent or designee shall share the district mentoring plan with each school improvement panel, which shall oversee the school-level implementation of the district mentoring plan and shall communicate the plan to all nontenured teachers and their mentors;


C. The Superintendent or designee shall review the plan annually and revise it, as necessary, based on feedback from mentor logs, each school improvement panel, and data on teacher and student performance.



Special Education


All personnel serving students with disabilities shall be appropriately certified and licensed, where a license is required. Each member of the child study team shall perform only those functions that are within the scope of their professional license (where applicable) and certification issued by the New Jersey Department of Education. Where related services are provided by non-certified personnel because there is no certification required, such services shall be provided under the supervision of certified district board of education personnel.


NJSBA Review/Update: November 2009; December 2010, August 2011

Adopted: October 24, 2011

Revised: September 23, 2013

NJSBA Review/Update: November 28, 2016



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*Indicates policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.

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