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4119.26, 4219.26 Staff Dress


Northfield, New Jersey Monitored


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The Northfield Board of Education expects all staff members to be neatly groomed and dressed in clothing suitable for the subject of instruction, the work being performed, or the occasion.

The board further believes that the appearance and dress of staff members contributes to the educational environment of this school district. The attitude of teaching staff members about their professional responsibilities and the importance of education in the lives of their pupils is reflected in their dress and appearance. Accordingly, in order to create an atmosphere of respect for teachers and staff, an environment conducive to discipline and learning, the board establishes the following rules for the dress of teaching staff members in the performance of their professional duties:

  1. The clothing and appearance of all teaching staff members shall be clean, neat and professional.
  2. No clothing may be worn that constitutes a danger to health or safety to the wearer or to others, and no clothing may be worn that interferes with the instructional program or is deemed to be suggestive or inappropriate for school.
  3. Jeans, sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and backless shoes should not be worn to school.
  4. A teaching staff member may request a waiver of this dress code for the performance of particular duties such as field trips, field days, and “dress down days.” Such waivers may be granted by the Superintendent or his/her designee.
  5. The building principal or the teaching staff member’s supervisor, as appropriate, shall determine whether a violation of this dress code has occurred and shall discuss the violation with the teaching staff member concerned.

NJSBA Review/Update: August 2010; December 2010

Adopted: October 24, 2011

Revised: September 24, 2012; November 2017

Key Words

Employee Dress

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