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4119.2(R) Responsibilities Regulation


Northfield, New Jersey







Teachers are responsible for the safety of students on the playground and within the building. Each teacher must be with his/her class on the playground and in the classroom at all times or must make sure that another teacher is in charge. The following guidelines are provided to minimize the occurrence of situations in which the teacher may incur liability for their acts:


A. Never leave class unattended.


B. Never leave class with a non certified person in charge.


C. Accompany class wherever it is assigned and remain with it until supervision is assumed by another certified person.


D. Do not allow students to use machinery except for instructional purposes.


E. Do not permit students to work in a shop, kitchen or laboratory at other than the regularly scheduled period, and then only under qualified supervision and in accordance with the prescribed safety procedures.


F. Do not permit students to use power tools or other dangerous equipment without proper supervision.


G. Organize classroom materials and equipment so as to minimize danger of injury to students.


H. In general, exercise good judgment when assigning tasks to students to prevent bodily harm and damage to property.


Adopted: March 2, 1998


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