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4116 Evaluation


Northfield, New Jersey X X Monitored Mandated
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The Northfield Board of Education believes that the effective evaluation of teaching staff is essential to the achievement of the educational goals of this district, including student achievement of the Core Curriculum Content Standards. The purpose of this evaluation shall be to promote professional excellence and improve the skills of teaching staff members; improve student learning and growth; and provide a basis for the review of staff performance.

The board encourages a positive working environment in which the professional growth that results from staff participation in the evaluation process is considered of major importance. Therefore, the administration shall develop evaluation instruments flexible enough to identify the needs, strengths, and improvement objectives of each staff member.

The Superintendent of Schools shall develop, in consultation with teaching staff members, job descriptions for each teaching staff member position and evaluation criteria for said positions based directly upon the job description. The job description shall be concise, stating major responsibilities as briefly as possible. All job descriptions shall be presented to the board for approval.

All teaching staff members shall be evaluated against criteria that evolve logically from the instructional priorities and program objectives of each staff member as specified in the job description for his/her position.

Criteria must include but need not be limited to consideration of student progress; instructional skills; subject knowledge; professional conduct and growth; human relations skills; classroom management skills. These criteria shall also apply to requirements for continuing education and shall be incorporated into each teacher’s professional development plan. The individual professional improvement plans shall be aligned to professional development standards for teachers.

Tenured teaching staff members shall be observed and evaluated at least once each year by properly certified persons. Nontenured teaching staff members shall be observed and evaluated at least three times each year by properly certified district staff.

The evaluation procedures shall provide continuous, constructive, cooperative interaction and communication between the teaching staff member and his/her supervisor/evaluator, thus ensuring a valid basis for performance review. All procedures for the evaluation of teaching staff members shall be in compliance with law and regulation.

All evaluative procedures shall include review of each teacher’s progress toward achievement of the staterequired goal of 100 clock hours of professional development every five years. Evaluative procedures shall recognize that the purpose of this goal is to assist teaching staff in obtaining and maintaining the knowledge and skills essential to student achievement of the state’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. In any instance where an individual teacher fails to make annual progress toward meeting the 100-hour requirement, or where a professional fails to satisfy the requirement fully within the five-year period, the district administration shall take appropriate remedial action, applying sound and accepted principles of progressive supervision as well as by using existing laws and rules to the fullest extent.

The district administration shall recognize each teacher’s fulfillment of the continuing education requirement. For evaluative purposes, a teacher has fulfilled his/her professional improvement plan when his/her students have demonstrated satisfactory progress toward achievement of the curriculum standards, as well as the

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EVALUATION (continued)

educational goals of this district.

At the end of the first five-year cycle, the district administration shall annually report all instances of noncompliance and actions taken to address them to the State Department of Education. The board of education shall cooperate with the County Professional Development Board and the Executive County Superintendent in evaluating its program and progress toward goals.

The Superintendent of Schools shall provide each teaching staff member with a copy of this policy statement, his/her job description, and his/her evaluation criteria annually by October 1, and shall distribute any amendments to those documents within 10 working days of their becoming effective. Evaluations shall be completed before April 30 in compliance with law.

The Superintendent of Schools shall report at least annually on the effectiveness of the evaluation system and shall recommend means to improve it whenever desirable.

The Superintendent of Schools shall, in the implementation of this policy, develop procedures in consultation with teaching staff members for:

A. The collection and reporting of data that are appropriate to the job description and minimally include the observation of classroom instruction;

B. Observation conferences between the teaching staff member and the supervisor; the preparation of a written evaluation for each of the three observations of nontenured staff members; and an evaluation for each observation of a tenured staff member;

C. The preparation of individual professional improvement plans that include specific guidance to the teacher on activities that would contribute to his/her obtaining and maintaining the knowledge and skills essential to student achievement of the state’s core curriculum standards;

D. The preparation by the supervisor of an annual written performance report which shall include the annual evaluation of the teacher, an individual professional improvement plan developed by the staff member and the supervisor, and a summary of the results of the formal and informal assessment of his/her students along with a statement of how these indicators relate to the effectiveness of the overall program and the performance of the staff member;

E. The conduct of the annual summary conference;

F. The signing of the annual written performance report by the properly certified supervisor/evaluator and the staff member.

All such procedures shall conform to law.

This policy and related procedures shall be reviewed at least yearly, and any necessary revisions made before readoption by the board.

Adopted: October 6, 1997 NJSBA Review/Update: November 2009; December 2010 Readopted: October 24, 2011

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Evaluation, Teacher Evaluation, Personnel Evaluation

File Code: 4116

EVALUATION (continued)

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