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4119.2 Responsibilities


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Teachers, because of their proximity to children, are frequently confronted with situations which, if handled incorrectly, could result in liability to the teacher. It is the purpose of this policy to direct the preparation of guidelines that would minimize that possibility.


Delegation of Authority


It is the responsibility of the superintendent to prepare regulations to ensure the maintenance of the following standards:


A. Each teacher must maintain a standard of care for supervision control and protection of pupils commensurate with assigned duties and responsibilities.


B. Each teacher must provide proper instruction in the safety matters presented in assigned curriculum guides.


C. Each teacher must immediately report to the principal an accident or safety hazard he/she detects.


D. A teacher may not send pupils on any personal errands.


E. A pupil shall not be required to perform work or services that may be detrimental to his/her health.


F. Pursuant to the laws of the state, each teacher and other staff members must immediately report directly to DYFS all cases of suspected abuse and neglect resulting in physical or mental injury. They shall subsequently report such suspected instances to the school principal.


G. Pursuant to the laws of the state each teacher must immediately report any incidents of harassment, intimidation or bullying.


Adopted: March 2, 1998

NJSBA Review/Update: November 2009; December 2010

Readopted: October 24, 2011


Key Words


Teacher Responsibilities, Duties, Responsibilities


Legal References: N.J.S.A. 18A:4-15 General rule-making power

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Cross References: *4112.6 Personnel Records

*4131/4131.1 Staff Development



*Indicates policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.


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