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6164.4 Child Study Team


Northfield, New Jersey Monitored


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The Northfield Board of Education shall provide the services of child study team personnel in numbers sufficient to ensure implementation of pertinent law and regulation. The Superintendent shall present to the board for approval job descriptions, qualifications and evaluation criteria for positions required, and shall present to the board for hiring the best qualified applicants. The child study team shall consist of a school psychologist, a learning disability teacher consultant and a school social worker. The child study team shall include pertinent information from certified school personnel making the referral when conducting an evaluation and making a classification.

When complete evaluations of students are necessary, the Superintendent shall recommend for board approval qualified persons or agencies to supplement the district team. Appropriate staff members, such as the nurse and teachers assigned to the student, shall also be involved.

Students who have been identified by any professional staff member, the parents/guardians of the child, a child welfare agency or by the health services staff as possibly having an educational disability shall be considered for evaluation.

Teachers and administrators shall provide intervention resources (e.g., adaptive teaching methods and materials, schedule changes, modified workloads, corrective or remedial instruction, etc.) in order to discover whether an observed difficulty is the result of problems within the educational delivery system. Parents/guardians shall be notified of such interventions. The members of the child study team shall be available to discuss problems informally with teachers and parents/guardians.

If the problems persist despite these intervention techniques, a formal referral, requiring due process procedures, shall be initiated. The examination of each such student shall proceed promptly in strict accordance with law. The board shall review and adopt the regulations governing the referral process.

Examination of each identified child shall consist of a physical examination, a psychological examination, an educational examination, a social case study, and such other examinations as may be deemed necessary by the child study team.

Students at Risk

In addition to the, students with disabilities, the child study team shall consider and recommend appropriate remedies and/or programs for students at risk for school failure. Child study team members may participate as part of the multidisciplinary team in making decisions regarding a student’s placement in an alternative education program.

All staff members shall be familiar with and implement the discipline policies and procedures adopted by the board (see board policy 5131 Conduct and Discipline). This implementation of the student code of conduct combined with consistent documentation shall provide data that may be used identify students that are at risk for school failure due to emotional and behavior issues. Staff members shall report the names of students who disrupt the educational program to the appropriate administrator who shall initiate actions that will ensure the involvement of the student’s family and the provision of counseling and assessment services, so as to determine the causes of the student’s disruptive behavior. A request for prereferral intervention or for referral for evaluation may be made to the child study team. Throughout this process, administrators, support staff, teachers, parents/guardians, and if prudent, the student shall be involved. If all strategies prove unsuccessful, referral to the appropriate outside agency may be made.

Students whose continuing attendance interrupts the educational program and/or threatens harm to themselves and others may be suspended and considered for expulsion.

Adopted: No Date

NJSBA Review/Update: December 2009; May 2017

Readopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

Child Study Team, Referrals, Disaffected Students, Disruptive Students,

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