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6142.11(Y) Acceptable Use for Technology for Staff, Form


Northfield, New Jersey



Acceptable Use of Technology, Computer Network

and Internet Access Consent and Waiver Agreement

The following agreement must be read and signed by all Northfield Public School staff.

By signing this consent and waiver agreement, I ______________________________ (name of employee) state that I have reviewed the rights and responsibilities contained herein and I agree to abide by the terms contained in this agreement.

The intention of the board is to make the internet available for the purpose of furthering its educational goals and objectives.

The school district provides, through connection to the internet, access to other computer systems around the world. While most of the content available on the internet is innocuous and much of it a valuable educational resource, some objectionable material exists. The board will provide access to internet resources and take steps to lock out objectionable areas to the extent possible (via Websense, Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) firewall/proxy server). The board and the system administrators do not condone the use of objectionable or offensive materials and do not permit usage of such materials in the school environment.

Staff members having accounts on the system should be aware of the existence of such materials and monitor home usage of the school district computer network. Staff knowingly bringing such materials into the school environment will be disciplined in accordance with federal and state departments of education and Northfield Board of Education policies and regulations and such activities may result in termination of accounts on the computer network and their independent use of computers as web as other disciplinary measures.

All users will abide by the following terms:

  1. The staff is encouraged to use the Northfield Community School computers and network systems which contain instructional programs, application programs, data bases, student work, and provide access to the internet for educational purposes.
  2. The “system administrators” referred to herein are employees of the Northfield Community School Board of Education and as the administrators of the computer systems shall monitor activities as directed by the Superintendent. Staff shall have no expectation of privacy with regard to same;
  3. The system administrators reserve the right to set quotas for disk storage on the network servers in order to insure efficient operation of the network. A user who exceeds his/her quota will be advised to delete files in order to return to compliance. A user who remains in non-compliance of disk space quotas after seven days notification may have their files removed by the system administrators;
  4. Electronic mail (e-mail) is an electronic message that is sent by or to a user through correspondence with another person having intra-net or internet mail access. The system administrators may inspect e-mail messages as well as computer hard drives and other computer equipment for content and users should not consider them as private. This inspection by the system administrators may be done without the consent of the sender or identified recipient in order to comply with the law and/or policies of the district or to investigate complaints regarding mail which is alleged to contain inappropriate or illegal material. The system administrators will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation concerning any illegal computer usage or e-mail transmitted on the district network;
  5. Copyrighted material must not be placed on any system connected to the network without the author’s permission. Users may review copyrighted materials for their own use. All software copyright and licensing laws will be followed.
  6. Intentional misuse or damaging of any computer, computer systems, computer network, or similar school property is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action, civil action and/or criminal prosecution;
  7. Users may be held financially responsible for losses, costs or damages to any school computer or system;
  8. Security on any computer system is a high priority. If a user feels that he/she can identify a security problem, the user must notify the system administrator. The user should not demonstrate the problem to anyone except a system administrator or a district administrator;
  9. No user may install, upload, or download software without the consent of the system administrators. Any software having the purpose of damaging other member accounts or the network is prohibited. The system administrators reserve the right to terminate the account of any user who misuses the software libraries;
  10. Any attempt to log in using another user’s account or as a system administrator is prohibited;
  11. Users must not let others know their password. Users should notify a system administrator if a password is lost or stolen, or if they have reason to believe that someone has obtained unauthorized access to their account;
  12. Any internet posting to a web site, e-board, discussion board, or weblog operated from the district will be for educational, non-commercial use and all postings must have prior approval from system administrators or district administration;
  13. Non-educational use of the district’s computers, network and internet is prohibited absent the consent of district administrators;
  14. Any violation of the conditions of this policy may cause loss of privileges for use of the computers, the networks and/or the internet. In addition, further penalties and/or legal action may be necessary based upon the severity of the offense.

Specific conditions and services on the computer network and the internet change from time to time and the board makes no warranties with respect to services and specifically assumes no responsibility for:

    1. The content of any information or advice received by a person from an internet source or any costs that are incurred as a result of seeking or accepting such advice;
    2. Any costs, liability or damages caused by staff use of the computer network or the internet;
    3. Any consequences of service interruptions or changes whether or not they were under the control of the school district; and/or
    4. The privacy of electronic mail, computer hard drives and other computer equipment;
    5. Data stored on the local hard drive.

By signing this agreement, all signatories agree that the board and administration shall not be held liable for the use of the computer network and the internet.


Individuals violating this policy shall be subject to appropriate penalties including but not limited to:

  1. Use of computer network(s)/computers only under direct supervision;
  2. Suspension of computer/network privileges;
  3. Revocation of computer/network privileges;
  4. Discipline up to and including termination of employment;
  5. Legal action and criminal prosecution.

It is understood that the system administrators of the computer network and the internet access may monitor staff activity on the computer network and the internet and that they may access any files stored on district computers or at a remote site accessed by district computers. It is further understood that the system administrators, the principal or the Superintendent may discontinue the computer network and the internet access privileges and may discipline anyone who violates the terms of this agreement.

School: __________________________________

Date: _____________

Signature of Employee:

Adopted: June 6, 2005

Revised: June 22, 2020

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