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6145.7 Social Events and Meetings


Northfield, New Jersey







The Northfield Board of Education recognizes the value of school social events and class trips in enhancing and enriching the school experience for the children of this community.




A. The board will make school facilities available and provide appropriate staff for the conduct of social events within the school facilities which have been approved by the building principal; and for social events which take place outside school facilities. Approval is required by the board when outside of the district and by the Superintendent of Schools when within the district;


B. As voluntary participants in school social events and class trips, students shall be held responsible for compliance with rules set forth for their conduct, and infractions of those rules will be subject to the same disciplinary measures as are applied during the regular school program;


C. Participation in school events is not a right and may be denied to any student who has demonstrated disregard for the rules of the school.


Delegation of Responsibility


The Superintendent of Schools shall develop rules and regulations for the implementation of this policy.


Secret Societies


A. The board affirms the legislative prohibition of organizations with closed membership practices as inimical to the democratic ideals of public education;


B. A student who is a member of a secret organization and persists in that membership after appropriate warnings are given is liable to suspension from school.



Adopted: No Date

NJSBA Review/Update: December 2009; December 2010

Readopted: October 24, 2011


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Social Events, Social Meetings



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