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6171.4(R) Inservice Training, Regulation


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The in-service training needs for professional and paraprofessional staff who provide special education, regular education or related services are identified and that appropriate in-service training is provided. The Child Study Team Coordinator shall maintain information to demonstrate the school efforts to:


A. Prepare general and special education personnel with the content knowledge and collaborative skills needed to meet the needs of children with disabilities;


B. Enhance the ability of teachers and others to use strategies, such as behavioral interventions, to address the conduct of students with disabilities that impedes the learning of students with disabilities and others;


C. Acquire and disseminate to teachers, administrators, school board members, and related services personnel, significant knowledge derived from educational research and other sources and how the district will, if appropriate, adopt promising practices, materials and technology;


D. Ensure that the in-service training is integrated to the maximum extent possible with other professional development activities; and


E. Provide for joint training activities of parents and special education, related services and general education personnel. (34 C.F.R. 300.380)


Procedures for Identifying and Meeting the Training Needs of Paraprofessionals, Professionals and Parents of Students with Disabilities


A. The Child Study Team Coordinator will conduct a needs assessment annually to identify the in-service training needs as part of district-wide development activities.


B. Target populations will be identified by the needs assessment and will include at a minimum special education and regular education professionals, related services personnel, paraprofessionals and parents.


C. Trainings will be conducted annually.


D. When appropriate, the district will identify, adopt and disseminate promising practices, materials and technology based upon:


1. Individual needs of students in accordance with their respective IEP.


2. Significant knowledge derived from educational research and other reliable sources.


E. Collaborative work with institutions of higher learning or other entities that (on a per-service and an in-service basis) prepare personnel who work with children with disabilities to support quality professional development programs that meet identified state and local needs.


F. Technical assistance and professional development programs provided through NJDOE sources.


G. The effectiveness of the training will be evaluated/assessed through district and/or commercially developed surveys/forms.


H. Documentation of the needs assessment, training activities and evaluation procedures will be maintained for three years after the activities are completed.


Adopted: October 20, 2008

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