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6140 Curriculum Adoption


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The Northfield Board of Education shall provide a comprehensive instructional program to serve the needs of the children of this district. In furtherance of this goal and pursuant to law, the board shall annually adopt the existing courses of study.

For purposes of this policy, a course of study shall be defined as any distinct part of the educational program, separate from the rest in duration and subject matter. Courses of study shall conform to standards of curriculum established by the State Department of Education, where such conformity is appropriate and serves the needs of the district.

Adoption includes both content and credit allocation. The board’s policy in this respect is to:

  1. Adopt those courses of study mandated by the state in a form acceptable to the state department of education. Such courses must include the New Jersey Student Learning Standards adopted by the State Board of Education.
  2. Adopt additional courses of study recommended by the teaching staff and administration in a form acceptable to the State Department of Education and within the financial means of the district;
  3. Adapt and revise existing courses of study to meet the changing needs of students and the community.

Existing courses shall be reviewed at regular intervals and revised as necessary. No course of study shall be eliminated, revised or implemented without the approval of the board.

The board directs that the curriculum of this district:

A. Be consistent with written goals, objectives and identified student needs;

B. Develop individual talents and interests and serve diverse learning styles to motivate student achievement;

C. Provide for continuous learning through effective articulation;

D. Provide all students continuous access to sufficient programs and services of a library/media facility, classroom collection, or both, to support the educational program;

E. Provide all students guidance and counseling to assist in career and academic planning;

F. Provide a continuum of educational programs and services for students with disabilities, pursuant to law and regulation;

G. Provide bilingual programs for students whose dominant language is not English, pursuant to law and regulation;

H. Provide all students equal educational opportunity, pursuant to law and regulation;

I. Provide instruction in African-American History, including the Amistad, and the history of other cultures taught as part of the history of the United States (N.J.S.A. 18A:35-1);

J. Provide instruction on the Holocaust and other genocide curricula at all grade levels (N.J.S.A. 18A:35-28);

K. Provide career awareness and vocational education, pursuant to law and regulation;

L. Provide educational opportunities for exceptionally gifted and talented students.

The Superintendent shall maintain a current list of all courses of study offered by this District and shall provide each member of the board of education with a current list of all courses of study; and shall provide a copy in the district office for public perusal.

Adoption of courses shall be by a recorded roll call majority vote of the full membership of the board. This includes the courses in the special education and ESL/bilingual programs.

Adopted: No Date

NJSBA Review/Update: December 2009; December 2010; May 2017

Readopted: October 24, 2011

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