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6010 Goals and Objectives


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The Northfield Board of Education accepts the responsibility for coordinating the available resources of home, school and community in a mutual effort to guide every student’s growth towards becoming a selfrespecting individual who can effectively function politically, economically and socially in a democratic society. In addition, the board believes that by providing diverse and relevant educational choices supported by research-based practices in the use of technology, students will be prepared for successful participation in higher education programs and/or the careers of the 21st century.

The board is dedicated to ensuring that all students in the district are provided with the necessary skills and competencies for achievement of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

A. Students shall leave grades three through eight and 11 having demonstrated competency in challenging subject matter including english language arts; mathematics; science; social studies; visual and performing arts; comprehensive health and physical education; world languages; technology; and 21st career life and careers:

1. The district shall implement the state-approved Core Curriculum Content Standards including the Common Core State New Jersey Student Learning Standards and appropriate assessments to enable Students to succeed and to evaluate their performance to support student achievement and to evaluate school, district and individual student performance;

2. The district shall provide staff development opportunities to ensure that teachers are adequately equipped to teach challenging and up-to-date subject matter and to implement effective teaching techniques. It shall monitor teaching staff members’ progress toward achievement of the required 100 20 hours of continuing education annually to ensure that they are obtaining and maintaining the skills to help all students achieve the Core Curriculum Content Standards including the Common Core State New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

B. Students shall learn to use their minds well, so that they may be prepared for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment in our modern economy:

1. Students shall be given the opportunity to improve self-direction and self-sufficiency in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, analysis, interpretation, and synthesizing information;

2. Students shall become responsible digital citizens of the global internet community with ethical, safe and responsible habits, actions, and consumption patterns;

3. All students shall demonstrate competency in the skills identified in the 21st Century Life and Careers Standards;

4. All students shall demonstrate respect for racial, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.


C. The district shall provide a curriculum that integrates science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics throughout the educational program to increase student achievement levels and to contribute to our country’s ability to compete academically with all other countries of the world in a global economy:

    1. The district shall revise its curriculum to integrate science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics into all areas of the district education programs;
    2. The district shall provide staff training opportunities in the teaching strategies for integrating mathematics, technology, engineering, arts and science in the curriculum at grades K-8.
  1. The board of education shall maintain an academic environment that is free from harassment and provide equal and bias free access for all students to all school facilities, courses, programs activities and services, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, nationality or socioeconomic status. The district shall:
    1. Provide schools and facilities that are barrier free;
    2. Provide effective programs that support a safe and respectful school climate and culture and provide effective prevention of and intervention for incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying;
    3. Ensure that the requirements for the completion of courses are nondiscriminatory;
    4. Ensure that courses are not offered separately on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, or socioeconomic status;
    5. Ensure that minority, female, and male students are not underrepresented in all classes and programs, including gifted and talented, accelerated, and advanced classes.

E. District schools shall be free of drugs and violence and offer a safe, disciplined environment conducive to learning:

1. The district shall develop partnerships with parents to establish the responsibilities of each to create and maintain safe and healthy educational environments for all students;

2. The district shall provide programs and staffing to deal with students at risk;

3. The school and community shall expand their cooperative efforts to create drug and violence-free environments;

4. All students shall develop a positive view of self and learn to use effective interpersonal skills.

The board shall develop, in consultation with the Superintendent and teaching staff members, a written educational plan for the district. This plan shall be reviewed and adopted annually and shall include:

A. Written educational goals;

B. An assessment of pupil needs;

C. Specific annual objectives based on identified needs and action plans to implement them;

D. Standards for assessing and evaluating the achievement of objectives;

E. The establishment of reasonable pupil minimum proficiency levels in the areas addressed in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards;

F. An educational program consistent with these goals, objectives, standards and needs;

G. Evaluation of pupil progress.

Adopted: No Date

NJSBA Review/Update: December 2009; December 2010; May 2017

Readopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

Instructional Goals and Objectives, Goals and Objectives in Instruction

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