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6142.4 Physical Education and Health


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The Northfield Board of Education directs that the district’s curricular and extracurricular programs of physical education and activities comply with the district’s affirmative action resolution and equity plan for school and classroom practices as stipulated in policies 2224, 5145.4, 6121 and 6145 in this manual. The board shall ensure that the comprehensive health and physical education curriculum addresses all elements required by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

In general, physical education classes shall not be divided on the basis of sex. The quality and quantity of teachers, equipment and facilities shall be equivalent among the schools and comparable from level to level, taking into account the needs of the students.

The board will consider, on a casebycase basis requests from students or their parents/guardians in the case of minors for permission to satisfy the physical education requirement through an alternative program of athletics or physical education activities that meets the requirements of law and is consistent with the district’s physical education program goals and instructional objectives.

The district physical education programs and instructional activities shall be equitable. All physical education programs shall be co-educational unless otherwise indicated by law.

Suicide Prevention

Students at all grade levels shall receive instruction in suicide prevention as part of the district health and physical education curriculum and consistent with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education.

Dating Violence

For students in grades 7 and 8, physical education and health curriculum will include the topic of dating violence. “Dating violence” means a pattern of behavior where one person threatens to use, or actually uses physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse to control a dating partner.

Dating violence education shall include information on the definition of dating violence, recognizing dating violence warning signs, and the characteristics of healthy relationships.

Upon written request to the school principal, a parent/legal guardian of a student less than 18 years of age shall be permitted within a reasonable period of time after the request is made, to examine the dating violence education program instruction materials developed by the school district.

The purpose of the dating violence information is to help prevent dating situations from becoming unsafe and to help educate students on constructive ways to resolve conflicts in personal relationship.

To be consistent with law (N.J.S.A. 18A:35-4.23a), the Superintendent shall ensure that district procedures and curriculum shall include the following information:

  1. Information that dating violence will not be tolerated;
  2. Dating violence reporting procedures;
  3. Guidelines for responding to at-school incidents of dating violence;
  4. Discipline procedures specific to at-school incidents of dating violence;
  5. Warning signs of dating violence; and
  6. Information on safe and appropriate school, family, peer, and community resources available to address dating violence shall also be included within the curriculum.

NJSBA Review/Update: December 2009; December 2010: August 2011; May 2017

Adopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

Nondiscrimination, Physical Education, Health, Affirmative Action

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Cross References: *2224 Nondiscrimination/affirmative action

*5145.4 Equal educational opportunity

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*6142 Subject fields

*6145.1/6145.2 Intramural competition; interscholastic competition

*6146 Graduation requirements

*Indicates policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.

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