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6200 Adult, Community Education


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The Northfield Board of Education will establish and maintain a program of adult education and may utilize any of its school facilities for accomplishing the legitimate educational purposes of serving the vocational, avocational, cultural, and aesthetic interests of the community.

In order to support a program of adult education, the board may employ staff, use school facilities as required, and provide necessary custodial services. All Community Education Programs must be approved by the Board of Education before they may begin.

Contracted activity coordinators and their volunteers who are sponsored through the District’s Community Education Program and engage in regular ongoing positions with regular contact with students shall complete a criminal background check and fingerprinting in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:6-71. The applicant shall bear the cost of the background checks and finger printing.

The applicant shall obtain and present proof to the Northfield Board of Education Business Administrator, in the form of a properly executed Certificate of Insurance, for insurance coverage to the applicant for all of its activities arising in, from or on the Northfield Board of Education property while being used by the applicant and the applicant’s members, guests or invitees. The insurance shall be obtained by a reputable insurance carrier with a rating of either A+ or AAA. The minimum insurance limits shall be in the amounts and for categories that are approved by the insurance carrier for the school at the time of use.

The applicant shall add the Northfield Board of Education, its agents, employees or servants as Additional Insureds to its General Liability Insurance policies in effect for the effective time of the agreement. A properly executed Certificate of Insurance evidencing the coverage described above shall not result in any diminution of the coverage, rights and policy amounts to the detriment of the Northfield Board of Education, its agents, employees or servants. Any proposed changes shall be immediately brought to the attention of the Northfield Board of Education within three (3) days prior to the scheduled applicant use of the Northfield Board of Education property and an appropriate revised or amended Certificate of Insurance shall be filed for the protection of the Northfield Board of Education, its agents, employees and servants.

The Superintendent is directed to seek out and utilize such federal, state, and private sources of revenue as may be appropriate for the financial support of the adult education program.


NJSBA Review/Update: January 2011; May 2017;December 2017

Adopted: October 24, 2011

Key Words

Adult Education, Community Education

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