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Off-site activities and field trips are those activities arranged by or under the auspices of the school which take place outside the boundaries of the school.


The Northfield Board of Education believes that off-site activities and field trips can complement and enhance the curriculum of the school by providing experiences which would be impossible within the school boundaries.


Staff arranging or otherwise involved in off-site activities must make themselves familiar with all applicable board policies and procedures. All off-site activities and field trips must take place under the terms of board policies and procedures. All off-site activities and field trips must serve an educational purpose which is clearly related to the curriculum


When educational staff members are proposing to arrange an off-site activity or field trip, the approval of the Superintendent must be obtained before any commitment is made on behalf of the school. Sufficiently detailed proposals shall be provided by a member of the staff to allow for an informed decision to be made.


The Superintendent shall seek the approval of the board of education before sanctioning all off-site activities and field trips.


Upon the approval of the Superintendent, if possible the staff planning an off-site activity should make a preliminary visit to the venue in order to familiarize themselves and make a proper assessment of its suitability, bearing in mind the age of the children, the size of the group, the time of year (and probable weather conditions), and the suitability of the facilities.


The proposed cost of off-site activities should include any costs associated with the activity which would normally be the responsibility of the school e.g. transportation, entrance fees, special arrangements for the disabled, and provision for any resources or equipment specific to the activity. This should include all costs related to the necessary number of chaperones.


The Superintendent shall appoint a teacher employed by the school district to be the responsible party for the activity. All activities shall have sufficient adults taking part to provide a maximum ratio of one adult to ten children with a minimum of two adults. This is a minimum requirement, and should not automatically be taken as providing appropriate supervision.


Transportation arrangements shall provide a seat for each member of the party. It is policy of the school to use motor transportation with seat/lap belts where available. Where private cars are used for an aspect of transportation the teacher in charge is responsible for ensuring that the insurance of each driver covers such journeys and that all state laws/requirements are adequately addressed.


The parents of children taking part in an off-site activity or field trip must be provided with appropriate information about the activity. When the activity is taking place entirely within a normal school day, parents/guardians must have written permission at all times. Where the activity extends beyond the normal school day, written permission from the parent must be obtained.


Funding for off-site activities and field trips shall be provided primarily a budgeted dollar value established by the Board of Education which may be additionally subsidized by voluntary parental contributions. No child may be excluded from any such activity because of the unwillingness or inability of the parent to make a contribution. School organizations should attempt to encourage the maximum percentage of profit for the organization from the companies involved. The timetable for the payment of voluntary contributions should allow for the Superintendent to make a decision about the financial viability of the activity in reasonable time.


Prior to the date of the activity, all adults including teachers and parents accompanying the students must be provided, by the teacher in charge, written emergency procedures which will apply. Each adult shall be provided with an emergency telephone number. This will normally be the school number, but when an activity extends beyond the normal school day, the home telephone number of a designated emergency contact shall be provided for each student by the parent or guardian.


The school office should be provided with a list of everyone, children and adults, traveling with the party, together with a program/timetable for the activity.


The safety of the party, and especially the children, is of paramount importance. During the activity the teacher in charge must take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that safety.


Prior to an activity, if it is felt that the behavior of an individual child is likely to compromise the safety of others or the good name of the school, the teacher in charge shall discuss with the School Principal the possibility of excluding the child from the activity. Any student who is deemed to be a potential safety risk or behavioral risk to the activity shall be excluded from the activity and the parent/guardian will be notified in sufficient time. Alternate arrangements made for that child to be supervised at the school during the day of the activity.


Student Self-Administration of Medication


The board shall permit self-administration of medication on field trips for asthma or other potentially life-threatening illness by students. All conditions established by law and board policy shall be met (see policy 5141.21).


Epinephrine shall be administered via epi-pen to students in emergencies on field trips by the school nurse, his/her designee(s), the student’s parent/guardian or the student himself/herself, in accordance with policy 5141.21 Administering Medication.



Adopted: November 21, 2005

NJSBA Review/Update: December 2009; December 2010; January 2017

Readopted: October 24, 2011



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*Indicates policy is included in the Critical Policy Reference Manual.



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